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Free to Kill You and Me

At the station, Batista asks Chase if he knows Boyd, from a picture. He says that he doesn't, but Batista says that he has all of his CD's and books. He reminds him that he's sold tons of stuff. Cole speaks up and says that Boyd was a stalker and he'd asked him to leave the organization offices several times. As they leave, Jordan tells Cole that steering the cops towards Boyd was the first correct thing he has done. Um, Cole corrects him, he didn't to the steering.

Dexter is holding Harrison and looking at Google Maps. He sing-songs to the baby that he's going to find Cole tonight. He's a bad man. Then, he's going to find out who the rest of his bad man friends are. Sonya comes in. Dex whispers to Harrison that he's not going to be able to talk to him like that for much longer, because eventually he'll understand. Sonya finds the St. Brigid doll in Harrison's toy box and figures that means he loves the doll. No, Dex says that he put the doll there. Brigid is just a person who died long ago and she doesn't protect anyone. Sonya seems really injured. Dex gets ready to leave and she explains that the world is dark and St. Brigid has comforted her and she thought maybe she could do the same for Harrison. She hope that he'll consider reconsidering. He's really nonchalantly like, "Sure!" And he leaves. Sonya seemed really disturbed there. Like she'd never heard of people not believing in saints before.

Quinn calls Deb before the stakeout and jokingly asks her what she's wearing. To a stakeout? She says she's wearing a diaper. She tells him not to where that ugly shirt of his (he's wearing it right now and starts taking it off) and he agrees. Then, Liddy knocks on his door. He wants money to find out about Lumen. Quinn hesitates and Liddy figures it's because he's having sex with Deb. Quinn relents and gets him some money.

Deb and Batista prep Yasmin, the hoochie witness. She's nervous. Manzon and Quinn are already in the club, as is LaGuerta. Yasmin says that the Fuentes brothers are already inside. LaGuerta already fucked this up. She says that it's a change of plans and tells Yasmin to go sit with the brothers. Not good.

Dex and Lumen are waiting outside of Cole's house. When the neighbor goes to sleep, Dex goes in and makes Lumen stay outside. Back at the club, one of the brothers calls Manzon over. Deb says that she shouldn't, but LaGuerta tells her to talk to them. Deb is freaked because of the danger involved. The dude immediately starts groping Manzon and sees that a of all, she's maybe wearing spanks, or b of all, some sort of police stakeout equipment is stationed on her upper thigh. Either way, he's furious. He jumps up, as does his brother, who pulls out a gun and shoots...into poor Yasmin. The other brother decks Manzon. Shooting everywhere. Deb runs in and corners one of the brothers who grabs a woman and holds a gun on her. Deb tells him to drop the gun, he doesn't, so she shoots him square between the eyes. She's stunned but cool when Quinn checks on her.

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