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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, parlez-vous?

LaGuerta and Angel have a conversation, todo en espaƱol, about his kid and his wife (I think?). Clearly we're being introduced to some Angel drama down the line, but let's not worry about that just now, shall we?

Over with Doakes now, LaGuerta wants to know why Doakes is obsessing over the Ricky and Kara Simmons thing. Doakes says that when people come after one cop, they come after all cops. LaGuerta tells him that Kara died about an hour previous, and Doakes sits down, disturbed. "Was Kara sleeping with someone other than Ricky?" LaGuerta probes. "Was it you?" His silence is enough of an answer, and she asks what the fuck he could have been thinking. He explains that Kara was going to ask for a divorce once Ricky came off undercover, but she didn't want to hurt him while he was still working Guerrero. "If I go by the book, I take you off the case." "Fuck the book!" Apparently, that's enough for her, and she lets Doakes take point on the Guerrero family. Could be a big mistake, if he's looking for retaliation...

Back with Dexter, who's getting his paralytic syringe ready for Matt Chambers, who has just pulled up in his car. As Dex watches him stumble out of his car, he gets a text from Deb: "Brother, meet me at Loco's Crab Shack. Totally important. Do NOT let me down. Deb." Looking back at Chambers, he VOs, "Gone to rest his weary head. Good news is he'll still be here when I come back for our own personal happy hour."

All right, Deb, this better be good. You're postponing killing here, do you realize that? Turns out, Deb's already told Dexter her good news, and he cheerses her with his pint o' beer. Deb: "The best part? LaGuerta had to say the actual words! I thought her head would explode!" Heh -- yeah, true. Deb thanks Dex for having her back the whole time, and that she wanted to share this moment with him because of that. "Sean the mechanic was busy?" "Um, turns out there's another woman." "Who?" "Me." Ha! Whaps! Dexter notices Guerrero walking across the room, giving pounds to his cohorts, and starts to flashback...

Harry's in the car, in the rain. The door opens and teen Dex is shouting, "Jeez, Dad, it's called being on time! You ever hear of it?" Harry's had a bad day. The judge said Davey Sanchez's killer's arrest "wasn't righteous, and let him walk." "Bad guy kills a cop and nothing happens?" asks Dexter. "So, what, the world just keeps spinning out of control?" "No," Harry responds. "The world can always be set right again."

"Bad guy kills a cop and nothing happens?" Dexter VOs, back in the present. "Not anymore." Dex follows Guerrero into the bathroom. As they stand side by side, pissing, Dexter continues, "All the planning, the making-sure, does it go away because I have the chance to get rid the world of a cop-killer and balance the books? Do I just ignore everything my father taught me about doing this right?" I say a resounding "yes," but I'm just one dude. The tension in the bathroom is building, and after Guerrero asks, "What the fuck are you looking at?" Dexter reaches into his cargo pocket for his syringe, and pulls it out. Slowly the camera pans across a plastic-wrapped body, leading us to believe it's Guerrero, but it's...

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