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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, parlez-vous?

...not. It's Matt Chambers, who is just now waking up. Dexter walks into the room carrying a laptop that's playing the same birthday video of the kid Chambers killed. Chambers recognizes Dex, saying, "You?" "And you. We meet again for the last time." "I didn't do any...anything." "Some people believe that. Problem is, I don't." Chambers continues to bullshit until Dexter pulls the trigger on his power saw. "Okay, okay. It was me, but it wasn't me. It was the booze. It takes me over." "That's a point of view to which I'm not entirely unsympathetic. Neither you nor I is in complete control of our destinies. Although, at the moment it would seem that I have the upper hand." Chambers tries to say he's sorry, but Dexter tells him he's done it too many times to be just that, and stabs him in the heart, and it's awesome.

As the Cuban music swells in the score, Dexter VOs, "Carlos Guerrero has chosen to live in a dangerous world. That's his truth. My truth is that world doesn't need me to balance its books." Good call, bro. Dexter packs his car with the remains of Matt Chambers, a.k.a. Matt Rasmussen, a.k.a. Matt Brewster, and pulls away, revealing to us that this time, he chose an abandoned liquor store to do his dirty work in. Fitting, I suppose.

Back home, as he slips his latest victim's blood slide into its new home, we hear, "Matt Chambers, welcome to your last change of address. You'll like it here. You and your neighbors have so much in common." Nice. Wait a sec...who put the doll's head back on the freezer door? I don't think it was Dexter. Apparently, neither does Dexter. He opens the door to find the remainder of the doll gone. As he takes a bath, again doing the crocodile thing that he did at the beginning of the episode, he ponders. "He came back and left nothing but a message. 'Come find me.' And I will. There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface."

Well, all righty! I guess we're pretty well set up for next week. See you then!

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