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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, parlez-vous?

Back at the precinct house, Norberto is in an interrogation room with a bunch of angry-looking cops peering through the narrow window. Doakes and LaGuerta are playing him Kara Simmons's last call. When the tape is done, Doakes tells Cervantes that he thinks he's complicit. There's a lot of tough-guy back-and-forth, and Cervantes says that he heard that she had been "fucking around on the side." Then he postulates that maybe Ricky heard about it and tried to kill her and then himself. Doakes socks him in right in the kisser for that remark, and it's a pretty realistic and punchy-looking punch, well played by both actors. Doakes: "You think it's a coincidence your ass is in here? We have you on the causeway when Ricky was murdered." "Bullshit." LaGuerta steps in: "We don't deal in bullshit." She rips off a bandage on his arm that reveals a chunk of missing flesh exactly the same size as the one Dex found in Ricky's mouth. "We deal in good police work," LaGuerta continues, "and good science," as she holds up a canister with the missing chunk. Take that, hijo de puta!

Over at the Simmons's house, Dexter and Angel are doing another walkthrough of what happened when and where. When they get to the end, Dexter notices a single drop of blood on the kitchen floor, and observes, "She never got this far." Well, looky what we have here! DNA evidence! Exclamation point! Angel lifts the (crappy) tile up off the floor with his knife, and whisks it away to...

...BloodLab 2021! Having already run the DNA (which I thought took a lot longer than an hour, or however long it took them), Angel and Dex are showing Doakes and LaGuerta that the blood drop from the kitchen is indeed a match to the chunk of flesh found in Ricky Simmons's mouth. Doakes is pumped to charge Norberto, but LaGuerta's thinking of cutting him a deal for Guerrero instead, which gets Doakes's goat. "Come on, Lieutenant, we already got a win!" "It's not about your win, it's about the big picture." I guess I agree with her. "Your win" isn't what police work is about, Doakes. Dexter follows Doakes out with his eyes, and notices the other cops hanging around. "I've seen this before. Whenever a cop has been killed it's like everyone's life has been stopped mid-sentence."

And that brings us to a flashback, with who else but Harry Morgan, who is giving a eulogy for Davey Sanchez, his just-fallen partner. "Davey Sanchez was my partner. Davey Sanchez was my hero." Say "Davey Sanchez" one more time. "Davey Sanchez." Thanks. Harry sits down next to teen Dexter, who says, "That was great." Oh, so he was just practicing. Harry: "Ever since Davey was killed my world feels out of control." "How do you fix it?" "Two ways, I guess. Honor Davey's memory, and catch the bastard who did this to him." He goes on to explain that it's not about vengeance or retaliation, it's about "something deep inside." Now, usually platitudinous phrases like that get on my nerves, but from Harry it makes sense. He's not an over-thinker, but rather someone who is very in tune with his gut, and James Remar does a great job getting this across. Harry needs Dexter to get this, because he knows it's the only way Dexter can channel his killing urges into something resembling a positive.

Back to the present day, at a bar, where Matt Chambers is already tying one on in celebration of his legal victory. "'Happy Hour,'" muses Dexter's voice. "Now there's a misnomer." "I'll have what he's having," says real Dexter, having sat down next to his prey. They make small talk: Dexter asks if he's celebrating something, Matt says, "Something like that," and asks Dexter if they've met, Dexter replies in the negative, et cetera. Ultimately, Dexter is able to coax out of Mr. Chambers (through personality mirroring, a wise choice) that he's skipping town, something he's made a bit of a habit of. Advising Dexter on what he thinks are his real troubles, Chambers says, "Remember, there's nothing a new city can't cure." Visibly tipsy, the not-long-for-this-world Mr. Chambers takes his leave, but not before Dexter asks, "You sure you're good to drive?" "Been a lot worse." Hmm. Dexter covers Chambers's last shot glass with a napkin and pockets it, and I think we all know what he's up to. From his seat at the bar, Dexter watches Chambers peel out in his car, and VOs, "I hope he doesn't go kill himself. That would be...tragic."

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