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Dex And The Maiden

Dexter's standing outside the video surveillance room, and he VOs, "That's my marina. And in less than thirty minutes, I'll be on that screen. I need to take care of this, and fast. I'm out of time. I need an idea, a sign, anything. What would the old Dexter do?" He looks around the hallway, searching for any kind of inspiration, and his eyes land on the fire alarm trigger. "Definitely not that." After inspecting the area a bit more, he thinks, "No security cameras," and makes his way over to the little red box and pulls the alarm. He quickly gets back into the main office to avoid suspicion. "Apparently, the new Dexter is stuck in high school. Maybe I am a late bloomer." Everyone starts to filter out of the office, and LaGuerta says, "A fire drill, are they kidding? We have work to do!" Angel says, "It was probably one of those kids in the bullpen. It's something I would have done." Heh, I love Angel. Dexter pretends to follow the last of the uniformed cops out, but quickly ducks into the surveillance room and plops down at the main terminal. He finds the video file of himself cleaning his boat, and is about to erase it when he hears Masuka, who is apparently the fire guard as well as the resident perv, coming his way. "Respect the vest! Don't make me take out my hose, huh huh." Oh, God. He quickly departs, satisfied that nobody's left on the floor, and Dexter's gets back to business. He deletes the video file, and VOs, "Like it never happened," which is totally not true. I mean, don't files leave traces of themselves on computers, no matter what operating system you're using, even that weird, TV-only, not-OSX-not-Windows-not-linux one? Oh, well, I guess Dexter's figuring that they aren't going to notice a missing chunk of time, and thus won't look for it. Ho-hum. He books out of there, VOing, "If only the rest of life were so easy to figure out." Word. There are plenty of files I'd delete, I'll tell you what.

Outside, Dexter catches up with Deb, who looks annoyed. "Where are you headed? I thought you'd be first in line to check out the firemen." Heh, good one, Dex! "I have to arrange protective custody for that piece-of-shit train car victim," she says. "Why?" "Because we have nothing on Olsen, not even enough to get a warrant to search his place." Dexter asks to see Olsen's file, which Deb is carrying for some reason. Deb reiterates, while Dexter memorizes Olsen's address, that if Olsen is set free and kills again, the FBI will take over the whole BHB case, "which means we're all fucked." "Some more than others," says Dex. "No shit. Until Lundy showed up, I just felt like the dipshit who slept with the Ice Truck Killer. He pulls the plug, I go back to being the resident retard." "Chin up, little sister," says Dex. "These things have a way of working themselves out."

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