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Dex And The Maiden

Later on, Lundy's task force is on the scene, and they open up the train car to discover the bags that Dexter's left behind, filled with Olsen's remains. They start sorting the bags. "Arm," says Lundy. "Leg," says Deb. "Head," says Angel, looking barfy. "It's Olsen, gift-wrapped." "It would seem the Butcher is tracking the investigation," says Lundy. "Well, that wouldn't be hard to do," says Angel, "but why'd he leave the victim's body for us? That's a first." "Probably didn't take too kindly to the idea of Olsen imitating him," says Deb. "Pretty good way to discourage others, don't you think?" "I hate to say it, but he probably did us a favor," says Angel, thinking that this should put an end to the vigilante shit. "This is the first place we've set foot in a place where the Butcher's actually been. Let's get busy," says Lundy.

Later, Deb approaches Lundy as he's on the phone. He hangs up, and says, "I came over here to get some privacy, Officer Morgan." "Oh, sorry, I didn't --" "Too much background noise over there. Hearing's the first thing to go." "Are you going to pull the case from us?" asks Deb, desperately. Lundy says no, and asks if Dexter will be around tomorrow. "Yeah, I think so," says Deb, annoyed. "I'll tell him you want him within shouting distance." She starts to walk away, and Lundy says, "Hey. What just happened?" "No, it's cool. He's always been the family superstar." "Who?" "Dexter, your new go-to guy." "Oh, this isn't about Dexter," says Lundy with that I Just Smelled A Fart face. "It's about Masuka. I can't stand him. I hear one more titty joke, I'm afraid I'll punch him in the face!" Deb is elated to hear this, and gives Lundy a big hug, and it's actually really sweet. Sorry, WhiteRabbit, but Deb wins this round.

Rita's doorbell rings, and she opens the door to find a very sullen and damp Dexter. "Hey, sit down," she says, and he does so, silently. "I was angry before when you tried to explain, but this time I'll listen." "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the road trip," he starts. "Lila...came with me to Naples, as my sponsor, that's all." "Well, why would you need her in Naples?" Fair. "You remember when I went out of town?" She does. "I went to find the man who killed my mother." "What are you talking about?" she asks, obviously confused. "A lot of stuff has been coming up for me in recovery. Things I never thought I'd deal with. I watched my mother die, when I was three." "Wow, Dexter...I'm so sorry." "She was murdered in front of me. I saw it happen. I think that has a lot to do with why I'm...why I do the things I do." "Of course," Rita agrees. "It makes sense." "I found the man who killed her, in Naples. I thought, maybe, if I talked to him I could find some kind of...closure. And that's why Lila came with me. For support." Rita wants to know why Dexter chose Lila, and not her, to share that moment in his life with. "She's my sponsor." "And I'm your girlfriend." Both valid assertions, in my opinion. "I was afraid you wouldn't understand," says Dex. "Okay, so let me try to understand now. You and Lila went away together as sponsor and sponsee, and you really did have adjoining rooms?" "Yes," says Dexter. "So you didn't have sex that night?" "No," he says. Leave it at that, dude. Seriously, just...let it be. "Okay," says Rita. "Not that night," says Dex after a pause. Oh, fuck. Understanding slowly dawns on Rita's face, and she whimpers, "Leave." "Rita..." "No, please. Leave," she repeats forcefully. "Now." Dex does as he's told.

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