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Dex And The Maiden

Outside, he stands in the rain and VOs, "There was a time I would have done anything to protect Rita. I would have even lied. But today, I told the truth, even though I knew she'd get hurt. Maybe I am leaving the old me behind." He's arrived at Lila's door, and rings the buzzer. She opens up, and they share a moment. He heads inside.

Damn, that was a pretty heavy episode. I really don't love that Rita's just a done deal now. Well, it seems that way, but anything could happen. And when is the intensity going to really ratchet up on our leading man? I mean, he's got an ongoing investigation looking into his multiple murders, and I feel like he's spending a little too much time dealing with his mommy issues and not nearly enough time dealing with his death sentence ones. Get up on that, Dex!

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