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Dex And The Maiden

Outside the station, Masuka and Deb have cigarettes and talk about Olsen, the presumed vigilante guy. "Saw himself on the three o'clock news and showed up with his lawyer," says Deb as Lundy arrives. "We're gonna nail his ass to the wall," she says, and follows Lundy inside. Masuka, of course, calls after her: "I love it when you talk dirty." I think they should have done another take, because that line wasn't delivered with Masuka's usual patented zeal.

Inside, Lundy comes out of the elevator, and shouts, "Morgan?" Deb, who's right behind him, says, "Right here!" "Oh, the other Morgan. I didn't know you were a smoker. Hmm." He starts to walk away, and Deb checks her breath in her hand. Lundy asks LaGuerta if she's seen Dexter, and she tells him, "He's on a break, why?" "Detective Batista's got a suspect in Interview Room 1. We think he's the would-be vigilante who attacked our train car victim. I need Morgan to take some scrapings for evidence." LaGuerta points out that Masuka's on the task force, and that he's actually present. "Yes, he is," Lundy says disdainfully. One too many she-male jokes, Lundy? Yeah, I hear that.

In the interrogation room, Masuka takes the fingernail scrapings as Angel questions Olsen. "So, Mr. Olsen, the man who assaulted your mom was attacked yesterday, did you know that?" Olsen says no, but he can't say he's upset about it, seeing as the guy almost killed his mother. Angel wonders aloud if he has any idea who did it, and Olsen says, "I dunno, maybe it was the Butcher. You ask me, a guy like that should be runnin' the police force, not hiding from it." Lundy, who's eating animal crackers, asks, "Is this a lion or a hippo?" Nobody knows what to say, except Masuka, who thinks it's a lion. Lundy eats it, and says, "Tastes like a hippo." He offers one to Olsen, who declines, and then asks what he does for a living. "I just lost my job." "That's too bad." Angel brings up Olsen "minor assault record," and that Olsen has no alibi for yesterday morning's attack. The lawyer asserts that Olsen probably didn't think he needed one. "Do you have a girlfriend, Mr. Olsen?" asks Lundy. "She just broke up with me. Why, you interested?" "Just curious." Angel goes over some points: "No job, no relationship, you've got guns and a minor assault record --" "And I voted for George Bush, both times!" The lawyer steps in, and says, "Detective, were you getting at something?" "What he's getting at," says Lundy, "is that your client fits the four-point profile of someone who'd commit a vigilante offense." He calls Olsen a "ticking time-bomb" who was just looking for a reason to take the law into his own hands. "You don't know me," says Olsen, and Angel counters that they know he attacked John Henry. "You need proof to make those kinds of accusations, Detective," says the Lawyer. Lundy tells Olsen to get comfortable, and that he and Angel have work to do.

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