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Cop Killer
d hisses "Cunt!" Beefy Forty plays the "You say something game?" but even when Trinity repeats, "You're a cunt!" the guy brushes him off as a crazy old man. Which...yeah. "Fucking pussy!" Trinity fires back when the guy turns to leave. This time Beefy shoves him into the dumpster. Now, Trinity looks scared right now. Whimpering and cowering. But again he retaliates: "Faggot!" So Beefy pounds Trinity down, all the while he's whimpering, yet still repeatedly calling Beefy a faggot. It's not like masochism is such a rare trait in serial killers, but watching Lithgow play it is all kinds of unsettling. Finally, as Beefy stomps off, Trinity calls after him, "It's your fault!" Obviously, this is just another part of the ritual, like Happy Hour with Mom's Ashes from last week. I expect some deliciously sordid explanation to tie all these loose ends up together.

The next day, Dexter shows up to the Kruger open house and finds a realtor whose jacket had just had a Captain Morgan ad explode all over it. Somewhere in Miami, LaGuerta just got a twitch in her neck and is seething with jealousy, but she has no idea why. He manages to give this perky fashion victim the slip so he can case the house in private. He's looking for evidence from the gloves -- obviously they're long gone, but they may have left trace evidence behind wherever she stashed them before the EMTs arrived. He retraces the steps of the crime scene via the photos on his iPhone. Did she burn the gloves in the fireplace? He checks underneath the grating for residue but finds it pristine and brand new. "It's just for show," says Zoe from behind him. She's friendly, attractive, and very young for a woman who killed her husband and daughter. She introduces herself, and Dexter covers nicely. There's an odd sexual tension that develops whenever neither of them are speaking, I should mention that up front.

Zoe gives Dexter a tour of the house, and in the process lies outright that she's separated from her husband, and their daughter lives with him. "You've been married long?" she asks him. "Uh, yes -- six months," is his answer, which he immediately realizes sounds bad. "I understand," says Zoe. "Believe me." Chirpy Color Explosion Realtor Lady calls Zoe downstairs, and Zoe flirtily tells Dexter, "To be continued."

With Zoe in the backyard, Dexter follows the trail of blood on the crime scene photos to the kitchen. He surmises the disposal is the next most logical stop for those bloody gloves. He intentionally jams it with a wooden spoon, then, under the pretense of "fixing it" for Chirpy Realtor, he retrieves a piece of blue rubber -- the kind used in police gloves -- and bags it. Chirpy and Zoe return (Zoe notes the disposal worked fine that morning) and are both impressed. Zoe takes Dex's arm and hoists him up with her beefy lady muscles. "If I was your wife," she breathes, fuck-me eyes turned up to eleven, "I'd hang onto you. You're so...handy." The scene cuts away before she can properly pay off that double entendre.

Lundy and Deb are talking Trinity at a diner. They've got him narrowed down to two 30-year-old bludgeoning, one at a cannery and one behind a bar. The body found at the cannery was dumped there -- not Trinity's style; he picks the murder site and leaves the body there. So they appear to have found their Trinity victim. In her enthusiasm, Deb knocks over Lundy's water, triggering about twelve "fuck"s and leading Lundy to share Deb's side of the booth. Anyway, if Trinity's current pattern holds, that means he'll kill his next victim in the bathroom of Murphy's Tavern. Lundy says he plans to go there today, and Deb says she will too. "Won't that be a problem with Ashton?" Lundy passive-aggressives. Deb says Anton's cool, "sort of." Meaning he gets jealous "for no reason." Lundy's like, "Oh, there's a reason." Deb finally snaps at him to say what he means for once, so Lundy lays it on her: He thought he'd be able to be around her and keep his feelings in check. No such luck. The two lay on the melodrama pretty thick here with the longing and the "But I can't!" and the "But YOU can't!" and the "whatever will we do?" Deb finally says she has to go. Lundy asks if she'll meet him tonight, but she can only stammer and say "fuck!"

Dexter returns to find Angel in his office. A break in the Vacation Murders case? Uh, nope! "I'm having intimate relations with LaGuerta," Angel blurts. Here we go... So Angel proceeds to spill all to Dexter, who in turn pretends to care. His voice-over can blah-blah all he wants about how he's just not wired to be empathetic, but honestly, he might have had to pretend to care anyway. So LaGuerta has awakened Angel's passion. He just doesn't want to disclose it to the brass because he doesn't want them to define his relationship; fence them in. So Dexter of course makes it all about him and how you certainly don't want to be inhibited or defined by a relationship and blah blah the restlessness of the murdering man. Angel doesn't catch on, but he nonetheless thanks Dexter for lending an ear and promises to keep him posted on the details. Dexter, meanwhile, just wants to peruse the details of that glove fragment.

Out in the bullpen, Deb is yapping at Quinn but harsh, righteously pissed that his loose lips in the bedroom put Lundy's case on blast. Quinn feels guilty about it, so he's cowering rather than yelling back. He tells Deb Christine is not his girlfriend, but speak of the devil, here she is getting off the elevator. Quinn sprints to head her off, backing her almost immediately into the elevator again. He tells her she has no idea the shitstorm she's created for him. She apologizes, hollowly, then tells him they can work this out. He tries to blow her off, saying it's not like they were a big deal. She makes him admit that's a lie. She's right, he says, they're actually way too complicated. Christina looks honestly broken up by the grand dumparino she's receiving. "I don't want to lose you," she squeaks. "Christine," Quinn harshes. "You never had me. Find yourself another source." Cold-blooded, Quinn, but way too late for it to matter.

Back in the lab, Dexter examines the glove fragment, while his voice-over draws such tenuous connections between it and the concept of a vacation that it would be an insult to you to try to explain it. Point is: he finds gun powder residue and blood (Darius Rey's, most likely). And he plans on following her home tonight.

Elsewhere, Lundy is investigating the former site of Fisty McBludgeon's Pub, where the Trinity killing took place 30 years ago. Only now it's a 20-story building full of mostly empty offices. Still sounds like a pretty ideal place to kill someone, though. Lundy's making notes into his little tape recorder when we spot Trinity exiting the building, obviously doing a little location scouting himself. I'll chalk it up to his finely-honed crazy that Trinity is able to spot Lundy across the plaza at 100 paces (at least), but he does. Trinity ducks behind the nearest stone column and panics. "I'm found," he sighs. But then it looks like he resolves himself, and next thing you know he's striding across the courtyard right at Lundy. Feigning distraction, Trinity bumps into Lundy, dropping his keys. Apologies, Lundy's all good, et cetera. As Trinity goes to leave, Lundy picks up the keys and returns them. As he does so, he takes his sunglasses off and gets a good look at the old man. Not sure what exactly he sees here, but it's enough that Lundy follows Trinity to the bus and makes note of the direction it's going. Obviously, this is the outcome Trinity was looking for. Why is another question.

In the car, Dexter's conscience (or...whatever he has in place of one) starts gnawing at him. Maybe he does miss Rita and the kids. Um...not after he calls Rita and hears the hellstorm she's in the middle of. Crowded hotel room, baby crying, Cody and Astor being loud and jumping on the beds and such. Rita can barely hear Dexter, and he certainly can't make her voice out of the din. He finally gives up and is like, "Um...kbyetalklater." And honestly, R

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