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Cop Killer

Meanwhile, Lundy and Deb are draped over each other as he walks her to her car. They're guiltily blissful. They hug for a long moment, as Deb chastises herself for being a "fuckwad." Lundy tries to tell her otherwise, but she persists. She knew from the moment he returned that she wanted back with him, she just wouldn't admit it. And she cheated on a good guy. She should have broken up with him first. All attributable to her being a fuckwad. I love ya, Deb, but: kinda, yeah. Lundy tells her she was confused, and now she's not. "We'll set this right, together," he assures her, as the camera pulls in close enough that it's just their faces on either side of the screen. Whatever the reason, you just KNOW something bad's about to happen. And indeed, as they part and Deb smiles (another bad omen), Lundy spots something over her shoulder. Before he can react, gun shots ring out. Deb looks down at the blood coming from her abdomen, then collapses. From her vantage point on the ground, she hears another two shots, then sees Lundy drop. A gloved hand reaches down and steals his wallet and watch. "Stay with me," Deb is all Deb can whisper. But Lundy's unblinking face isn't showing much in the way of a life force. And I'll say again: If this is indeed Trinity, he's certainly stepped outside his pattern. Which seems significant. And scary.

Joe R really hopes Deb and Lundy pull through, seeing as they're his two favorite characters. He can be reached for comment at

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