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Bad Santa

Batista and Jamie are at some outdoor café, and long story short: Batista wants to buy the place and retire from the force after twenty years, and I think even a Lethal Weapon parody sketch on Saturday Night Live would be foreshadowing Batista's death with more subtlety. Jamie at least thinks Batista is impulsive; he gets ideas in his head, "and then you end up divorced, with a broken-down Trans Am and barely enough money to pay the rent!" The scene tries to end before Batista is entirely stripped of its dignity, but I'm not sure it's successful.

In jail, after Jason Gedrick complains that "Lurch" (hee, I thought of that name for him too) won't even let him alone to take a shit, Isaak Pullo tells Jason Gedrick in no uncertain terms that he has to get him out of there, as every moment in which he's incarcerated is a moment in which he might snap a Colombian's neck like a twig, which might throw a tiny wrench into his plans to get out of there. When Jason Gedrick confesses that Quinn returned the payoff, Isaak Pullo seethes for a moment, and then merely replies, "[Jason Gedrick], do not disappoint me." Well, there's another shit of Jason Gedrick's to which Lurch has bore witness.

Quinn arrives at a busy restaurant expecting to meet Nadia - but when he's shown to his table, he finds Jason Gedrick. Doing some quick math, he tells Jason Gedrick that if he hurts Nadia, he'll kill him, but Jason Gedrick blithely tells him that Nadia's too valuable a commodity to do so capriciously. Quinn sits down and asks what he wants, and Jason Gedrick confesses that he doesn't actually want anything, but Isaak Pullo would like it ever so much if he'd get rid of the blood evidence linking him to the Colombian murders, and if he does, he'll head back to Ukraine just as soon as he's released. Oh, and if he doesn't, they'll send Nadia over to one of their sex clubs in Dubai. "She's a strong girl - she'll last a couple weeks before she slits her wrists." I'm not crunching the numbers for that business model. Quinn looks like he's going to chew his own face off as he tells Jason Gedrick that if he complies, he has to let Nadia go for good, and Jason Gedrick agrees, even tossing the bag of money back at him to boot. Well, at least he can afford the dinner now. He immediately tries to call Nadia, but gets her voicemail and leaves a message he probably knows will not be picked up.

Deb reports in to LaGuerta, who waves her in and has her close the door. LaGuerta tells her that she had her last two interviews with the families of possible victims of the BHB, and they didn't turn up anything. Before Deb can even finish her sigh of relief, though, LaGuerta excitedly goes on that she started thinking about open cases and how a lot of their homicide suspects have vanished. "What if the Butcher took some of them out?" Now obviously, it's easy for the writers to have LaGuerta come up with this theory, given the advantage they have of knowing it's true. However, I still buy it; it's not like Dexter hasn't had cops close to figuring out his patterns before, and with Keith Carradine's writings to guide her, I can believe that LaGuerta could credibly identify this possibility. It's not like she has anything else to do, anyway.

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