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Bad Santa

Thinking back to when the killings happened, Deb realizes that Lumen was staying with him, and I think there's a small part of Dexter that looks frightened at how quickly Deb figured this out, even as he tells her it doesn't matter who it was. Honestly, Dexter has gotten away with as much as he has by virtue of people not looking directly at him; when they have (Doakes, even Quinn for a time, and now Deb), his measure has actually been fairly easy to take. It's true Rita never quite saw it, but she was an idiot. Deb looks both ill and accusatory: "You moved your girlfriend into the house where Trinity murdered your wife so you could kill together?" Okay, in that tone of voice it sounds bad. Dexter finally pipes up in his own defense, saying that he felt guilty about Rita's death and thought that helping Lumen would be a way to atone for that, but Deb is not following along with the math that adds up to Dexter being the good guy here. He asks why they can't leave this stuff in the past, but Deb rightly points out that they certainly can't afford to if LaGuerta won't. He half-yells at her to let him worry about LaGuerta while she takes care of herself - maybe she could even go out with Price. Well, at least Dexter kept his word to Price there. Deb, however, hasn't quite recovered from the revelations of this conversation and orders Dexter out of her house. He's actually genuinely baffled, and the fact that he can't understand why she'd be grossed out by this little chat is a signal that maybe this relationship really is going to break.

After leaving that last scene with DVO letting us know how much he would really please like to kill someone, we cut to the next morning, with Dexter watching the aforementioned handyman on a ladder doing something to the eaves of the house as DVO tells us that Hannah's become "a thorn in [his] side," and I'm not allowed to complain about bad puns without getting immediately struck by lightning, so let's watch Dexter get out of the car and ask the dude if Hannah's around. He says no, but invites Dexter to wait, and Dexter strikes up a conversation about the previous owner; the guy tells Dexter that when Ms. Grey got sick, Hannah was her sole caretaker and wouldn't let anyone else near her. After DVO notes that that means Hannah was the only one who had access to administer poison to the woman, Dexter inquires about "a purple wildflower" he claims Hannah mentioned to him, and the guy tells him where on the property the wildflowers grow. Dexter heads off to find it, and the result is chilling; not only does she have aconite growing, it's clear from a hole in the ground that she's recently harvested some of it, and as such might be pursuing a new target. I'll give Harry a nod here: "You're after her. What's to say she isn't after you?" Dexter doesn't have time to argue with himself long, though, as Hannah calls from behind him; when he turns, she smilingly asks what he's doing there. He says, not incredibly smoothly, that he was in the neighborhood, so she invites him in and says she'll make some coffee. When he walks past her, though, her eyes go to the missing plant...

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