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Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

...and now LaGuerta is on the scene, getting a report from the tail she had on Dexter. If he's MM, I wonder how she handled that one politically. The guy reports that they had lost Dexter -- oh, that's what all the looks behind him were when he was driving. Can you believe how the show keeps restoring faith? Anyway, the guy goes on that when they heard the gunshot (I neglected to mention that Estrada's gun went off before Dexter subdued him) they called LaGuerta, so, well-armed, they head toward the spot. Creeping up in the usual police-cautious way, they start to become aware of a buzzing noise inside one of the containers, but when they open it up, it's not a swarm of locusts, thank God. Instead, it's the operating chainsaw, which along with the plastic wrap are the only things Dexter's left. He wasn't wearing gloves when he entered the place, because he couldn't have explained them, but I suppose I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he cleared the place of his DNA before Estrada came to. LaGuerta urgently tells her second to keep looking for Estrada, warning him that he's not alone. When he's gone, she looks around at the evidence of how close she just was...

...while Dexter, nearby, is faced with the unenviable multitask of trying to keep Estrada under control and getting away from the police; not surprisingly, it proves too much for him, as Estrada elbows him in the face and escapes into the river. The bright side is that Dexter's now able to move a lot more quickly, so being careful to evade the searchers, he disappears into the night as DVO muses that it wasn't the universe giving him a gift -- it was LaGuerta. And I know it led to a bad evening for you, Dexter, but how about some props for how completely she played you?

The next morning -- on top of what was probably a sleepless night now that he knows LaGuerta is on his heels as well as an Estrada problem -- Dexter gets the news that Deb's water was 40 percent anti-anxiety drug. It occurs to me too, that Hannah couldn't have known that Deb wouldn't die. Especially if she happened to drink a large dose of the water rather than sipping it, she easily could have bought it. Dexter looks at the photo of him and his love as DVO lends some credence to Hannah's earlier theory by saying, "It's not the future I imagined with Hannah. But maybe it's what I deserve." I mean, yes. But still: Aw?

Dexter and Deb arrive at the latter's place from the hospital and Deb wearily notes that Dexter barely spoke the whole ride home. He gives her a long look before telling her he has something for her -- and he hands over the poisoned pen Price left at his place. It's a great development, but didn't Hannah say the poison she used was undetectable this time... in other words, not aconite? Because Dexter goes on that there are traces of aconite on the end, as well as Hannah's prints. It's a fairly minor point that I wish I didn't find distracting. As Deb takes in the fact of how Hannah killed Price, Dexter puts his face in his hands in as defeated a gesture I've ever seen from him before admitting that he found it the next morning (nice police work, MM) and kept it out of evidence. Deb can't believe, after all this time and the emotional cost, that Dexter is turning Hannah in, but Dexter intones that as long as she's free, Deb isn't safe. He looks at her, finally, and with nothing but concern in her voice, Deb tells him she knows how hard it must be for him. He can't bring himself to respond...

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