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Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

...but then we're back with Dexter at Hannah's, bookending the episode, even down to the three-quarter speed with which the scene starts. He finds Hannah in the greenhouse, and she's surprised and hopeful that he's there; she asks if this means he knows what he wants and he flatly replies, "Yes." That one's going to leave a mark in about a minute. She steps forward and he says her name, presumably about to reveal what he's done, but she notes that they're standing under mistletoe, so they have to kiss to avoid bad luck. Their lips touch and the camera very cleverly swings around like it did in the flashback, implying that the future Dexter saw is no longer going to happen, and indeed, when Hannah breaks the kiss, it's because she knows something's wrong. Looking in his eyes, he asks what's the matter, but the only words he can utter are "I'm sorry" before the police arrive on the scene. This is like the third time in the last ten minutes the show has given me chills; it shows how well it built the stakes this season. Deb gets to say the words she's dreamed of -- "Hannah McKay, you're under arrest for the murder of Sal Price" -- although for Dexter's sake, she keeps a clinical tone throughout. As Batista cuffs her wrists behind her back, Hannah, looking impossibly hurt and betrayed, tells him in a voice that's kind of heartbreakingly small: "You should have killed me." Did I mention that it's Christmas Day? Deb's eyes follow Hannah as she's led away and then she looks at Dexter before heading after them. DVO tells us he should know better than to count on the future. All you can ever believe in is now. This moment. Because in a blink, everything can change." And seriously, on the topic of further complications to Dexter's life, will Hannah protect his secrets?

If some elements of next week's preview are dream sequences, I'm going to be hella pissed. But if not, it looks like everything you never thought could happen is happening. I kind of can't wait.

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