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Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Down by the beach, Hannah is sitting in the passenger seat of Schram's car and Schram swears she never told anyone that she saw Hannah poison the counselor, so Hannah sighs that it was probably her dad who blabbed to Deb, since she wouldn't give him money. I mean, she told him? Their relationship was weird, but that point still clanks a bit. I suppose he would have been contacted when it happened and maybe he insisted on her telling him the truth, but... I don't know. Anyway, the chain-smoking Schram says she can't go to jail, but Hannah reminds her that they always stuck together, "even when that fucking counselor was putting his hands all over us." So at least Hannah has had reason to think Schram would be loyal; that's a point that bothered me last episode, so I'm glad it was addressed. Schram nods (well, twitches is more like it), but says that Deb isn't going to give up, so Hannah assures her that she's going to figure something out about that and I appreciate the restraint in not cueing the ominous music until the start of the next scene.

Dexter is checking out what look like abandoned large waterfront sheds (hope you know how to cover your search history, Dex) when he gets a text from Hannah. Cut to the two of them hauling a large tree into her house, during which Hannah asks Dexter if he's still doing Christmas Day with Deb and Harrison, like that's the kind of plan that just casually falls apart. Dexter's like, you could join us; but while Hannah is a killer, she has a bit more social sense than her boyfriend and as such is like, that would be an actual historical disaster? Inside, Dexter suggests they start a new tradition of celebrating on Christmas Eve and Hannah thinks that sounds good -- except she hasn't gotten Dexter a Christmas present yet. Aw, that's nice, Hannah. Just nothing ingestible, please. They put their arms around each other and regard the tree beatifically...

...and then it's night and Deb -- in her car staking out LaGuerta's house -- pops an anti-anxiety pill and washes it down with some bottled water. She then sees LaGuerta emerge and drive away, and once Deb judges that she's safely gone, she gets out, and... steals the star off LaGuerta's tree? We cut away, so we'll never know.

Speaking of stakeouts, Dexter is sitting by the prison entrance when he sees Estrada emerge and a look at his chasing after a nearby bus is all that's needed to convince Dexter his death-dealing services won't be, if you'll forgive me, overkill in this case.

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