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Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Oh, Quinn comes into the strip club and talks to a dancing Russian stripper who was apparently a friend of Nadia and who tells him she left for Vegas, as she needed a fresh start. The dancer adds that Nadia was really broken up and that she'll never forget what Quinn did for her. Quinn winces at how stupid he is, catching up with the rest of us.

LaGuerta and Captain Jack are keeping up their little version of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" when LaGuerta finds, in a Doakes evidence box in her garage, a tackle box that contains deep-sea fishing lures -- and a key. We'll find out there's an address on a label on the tackle box... we cut to them arriving at the very dilapidated seaside warehouse Dexter had up on his computer earlier. Captain Jack speculates that Doakes probably got rid of his boat when he figured the law was on him, which sounds easier said than done if you ask me. LaGuerta agrees with me, at least to the extent that she points out Captain Jack is jumping to conclusions, but soon Captain Jack is telling her to call the forensics team in, as, in a cubby, he's just located a bunch of BHB-looking paraphernalia, including some black trash bags. I'm shocked that no one paid for the product placement on that one. No wimpy trash bag is going to hold the dismembered pieces of a corpse!

Later, someone from the team is holding up a set of knives -- apparently also recovered from the place -- and says that while the blood on them is too degraded to analyze, the print on it belongs to Doakes. Captain Jack is like, "That's a wrap!" but LaGuerta pulls him aside and points out that Dexter is a forensics expert, and as such could have set this up. Captain Jack rebukes her with his customary (and hilarious) lack of tact, but when LaGuerta emotionally asks what's wrong with him, he softens a bit in asking why she can't let this go. She confesses that she feels she owes it to Doakes to clear his name, but their biases are leading them to opposing conclusions here and he tells her that while she's great at the political game, she's not so much an investigator and she should drop it and, by the way, live up to her end of the bargain they made. It is kind of awesome how they've made LaGuerta this Cassandra, how her motivation to clear Doakes makes her tenacity entirely believable yet is also a reason people are quick to dismiss her theory. LaGuerta tells Captain Jack he'll get what's coming to him, which is a choice of words I wouldn't be too thrilled to hear coming from her. After he wishes her Feliz Navidad, he bails.

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