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Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Deb steps out onto her porch for some reason and runs right into Hannah, who tells her she's not there to fight, but to talk about Dexter. Deb is pretty dismissively hostile - shocker! -- but agrees to hear Hannah out, so she says that Dexter is happy and she figures that's a pretty big deal with all the pain he's been through. Deb admits that she can't argue with that, so Hannah plows on that Dexter's been talking about a future with her and she knows it would be very meaningful to him if she and Deb could find some common ground. Deb notes, somewhat sardonically, that this is for Dexter's sake and when Hannah agrees without acknowledging the tone, Deb takes a swig of water from the bottle she's holding and a long moment to consider before saying that Dexter does seem happy, and Hannah replies that she loves him and wonders if they can work out their issues. Deb says sure, she thinks she can, and then steps forward: "It's because I love Dexter that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect him from you. I'm not going to give up until your murdering ass is behind bars for good. That's how we're gonna work out our issues." I mean, it's no Roya Hammad almost literally exploding in Carrie Mathison's face, but it's still a pretty good burn. Deb is like, lates, and Hannah, defeated, takes off.

Captain Jack is futzing around with the stupid lights on his boat again when Dexter turns up with a Christmas present -- a bottle of, well, not actually Captain Jack, but that's not really the point. (I think it's actually Canadian Club, if anyone cares.) He also apologizes to Captain Jack for not coming forward with his "suspicions about Doakes," saying more people would still be alive, and this is an example of what card players call "overplaying your hand." Captain Jack's already bought your Brooklyn Bridge, Dexter; no need additionally to sell him some swampland in Florida, as abundant as it may be. Captain Jack is like, I'm the one who should apologize, and LaGuerta will be dropping her investigation as they found conclusive evidence that Doakes was the BHB. Dexter is like, oh I'm soooooo relieved, and Captain Jack encourages him to have a good Christmas with Harrison. Dexter assures him they will and then gets MAYBE TEN FEET away from Captain Jack's boat before he calls Deb and is like, they bought it! I mean, I know Captain Jack is old and probably already halfway into the bottle Dexter just handed him, but still. Deb hopes the apparent end sticks this time and Dexter thanks her...

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