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Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

...and then has apparently wasted no time in tracking down Estrada, and, posing as a "Steve," he accosts him on the waterfront and makes up a story about some Honduran sativa he has to move, and how he's totally legit because he's worked with some guys Estrada hasn't heard from in ages, probably because Dexter killed them. Estrada does ask Dexter to affirm he's not a cop, which he does, but didn't DJ Qualls show Badger this routine is bullshit back on Season 2 of Breaking Bad? Anyway, once Dexter affirms that he's not a cop, Estrada is like, sure, white boy, I'm down, so Dexter gives him an address and a time of ten that evening, "unless you got something else to do on Christmas Eve." I was going to let this slide, but since he brings it up, wasn't last episode around Thanksgiving? What have these yahoos been doing for the last month? Did LaGuerta put her investigation on hold due to an online-shopping backlog? Anyway, Batista then calls Dexter with not timeline complaints, but news that Deb is in the hospital...

...and then Dexter rushes into the hospital and sees Deb lying unconscious, but Batista assures him she's fine, other than a broken wrist and some bruising. He then asks if Deb has a prescription for anti-anxiety medication and when Dexter admits that she does, Batista tells him that there was almost three times the normal dose in her system. I was hoping Deb would set Hannah up at some point, but even at this point it seemed far too risky for Deb to drug herself and get behind the wheel of a car. Batista, of course, thinks Deb might just have lost track of how much she took and given how many times we've seen her popping the pills like candy, it's not a crazy theory, but then Dexter hears that Deb was all the way out in some hick burb because she was on her way to chat with Schram. Dexter, fairly mildly, rebukes Batista for not having told him earlier that Deb was after his girlfriend in such a specific way, but only ends up feeling worse when Batista speculates that Deb was on the medication in the first place because she was worried that her brother was dating a killer...

...and his feeling, not unjustified, that he's a dirtbag continues as Deb tells him she doesn't know what happened, but she kept getting sleepier until she woke up in the hospital. He then brings up the Schram business, but gets more than he bargained for when Deb guesses that Hannah told him, as he didn't realize Hannah knew anything about it. Deb tells him that Hannah came to ask her to back off and then they both have a Moment of Realization, after which Dexter tries to tell her that Hannah wouldn't have poisoned her, while Deb wonders what other logical explanation there is. Dexter tells her the doctors speculated that the drugs built up in her system, but Deb informs him that she only took one pill, the night before, and the drug happens to have a very short half-life, so maybe... no? Dexter wonders how Hannah would even have known that Deb was on the medication, but Deb counters that poisoners tend to be fairly sneaky and not in the Connect Four way. Dexter plays defense attorney, shooting down all of Deb's suggestions of how Hannah might have done it, which seems a little unfair since she's ALL DOPED UP AND WAS JUST IN A CAR ACCIDENT HELLO. But it's obvious that Dexter doth protest too much, even as he tries to tell her that maybe she took more pills than she thought, since she's been under a lot of stress. Deb: "No shit, Sherlock." Well, didn't take her long to get her best guilt game back and even though Dexter's face gives nothing away, DVO reveals all: "Hannah wouldn't do that to Debra. Would she?"

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