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In Sickness and In Sickness

Miguel has been loaded into the coroner's ambulance, or whatever it is -- they haven't covered his body. Weird, right? Anyway, Dexter VO's a farewell to Miguel and is about to close his eyelids when Ramon grabs his hand. He tells him not to touch his brother. Dexter tells him to let go of him, but Ramon doesn't move. Then, he says, "Now." That's the cool thing about Dexter. Even though Michael Hall has a rocking bod, Dexter just doesn't seem like that imposing of a guy. But, when he says "Now" without flinching? You can tell he means business and you are almost afraid to know what he has to back up his confidence. Well, we know what he has, but a regular person doesn't. Like Ramon. He lets go of Dexter's arm but pulls him around to the side of the ambulance. Ramon tells him that he will find out why this happened. Dexter says that they all want the same thing. Ramon doesn't say another word -- just walks away.

Later, Dexter and Rita are arriving home from Miguel's funeral. Apparently, Ramon ejected them from the ceremony. Rita doesn't understand why he's so angry and Dexter points out that he has recently lost two brothers and doesn't know whom to blame. Rita responds, "Certainly not you." Actualllly.... Rita puts her arms around Dex and asks him how he's handling this whole thing. He says that he's dealing with a lot of different emotions. She says that, even thought Miguel wasn't the man he thought he was, he has lost a friend and doesn't need to be so strong. Rita expresses sympathy for Syl, who apparently still wants to help with the wedding. In fact, she still wants to attend their rehearsal dinner the next night. People often say that divorce would be easier if the other person were dead -- here's her chance to put that to the test. Dexter says that life goes on.

Dex is going through their mail and finds a card from Rita's mom. As he opens it, Rita tells him that she's not coming down for the wedding (she tells him two days before?) because she's teaching and can't miss a class. She refers to her jokingly as "my loving mother." She's pulled her life together and all (though she is about to marry a serial killer), but due to her past propensity for being a doormat, I would imagine that Rita would have some special parents. The card reads, "Let's hope the third try's the charm." Dexter reads it aloud and seems confused. Rita stumbles a bit and says that she must be referring to the fact that she is having her third child. Dexter says that Cody and Astor are charms too, but she reminds him that her mother is "loving." Dex wonders via VO if Rita just lied to him. She asks him if he has written his vows yet, but he says they are not completed. What should he say? Well, she says that he can talk about togetherness, loyalty, attraction, HONESTY. Honesty? Yes, honesty. She looks a little bit shifty, but doesn't say anything. He gets ready to leave and she gives him the program from Miguel's funeral and tells him that he should keep it. Dexter looks at it for a second and says with great feeling, "He gave me so much."

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