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In Sickness and In Sickness

In his car, Dexter VO's mock vows for Rita. They're flowery and generally gross. He finally stops and says, "It sounds like I'm marrying a unicorn." He gets a text message that apparently alarms him. The next thing we see, Dex is at his apartment. Someone has broken in. There are police everywhere. A cop tells Dexter that the property manager found the door open. The place has been trashed. Dexter nervously watches one cop taking fingerprints from the screen of his a/c unit. The property manager had called Dexter as well. The cop tells him that he'll need to look around for anything that's missing, but he says that it's hard to tell. A neighbor saw a guy hanging around the complex -- Latin, burly, had a goatee. Hmmm. He asks Dexter if that rings any bells and he says it doesn't. Dexter is pacing and really nervous about the a/c.

Finally, the cops leave and Dexter locks the door and sprints to the a/c unit. His blood slides are still there. He sighs with relief as a vision of Harry reminds him that Miguel said that things weren't finished. Dexter wonders if Miguel's plan was to make him hire a housekeeper. Weak. Harry points out that Dexter's suit for the wedding has been shredded. That's personal. As Dexter checks to make sure that none of his killing tools have been tampered with, Harry compares Ramon to a wounded animal. He tells Dexter that he should put him out of his misery. Dexter says that Ramon doesn't meet the Code, but Harry says he can't ignore him either. At this, Dexter picks up a little plastic bag containing Ellen's ring. He has an idea. He says that he has no intention of ignoring Ramon and takes off.

It's night and Dexter is driving. He arrives at Ramon's house as he's VO'ing that he can use the ring to link Miguel to Ellen's murder, thus "threatening" to ruin his reputation. What, is he going to plant the evidence but not use it? Because, were the plant to be found, there's no "threatening" his reputation. It would just be ruined, right? He stops Ramon's wife, Sara, as she's entering her house. He asks her how she's doing and she says not well. He asks for Ramon and she says that he didn't come home from the funeral with her (she doesn't mention that Ramon threw Dex and Rita out of the service). Ramon has been on a bender and she's really worried about him. Dexter leaves, but asks her to tell Ramon that he stopped by.

At the station the next day, the day before this wedding nonsense is over and done with so help me God, Dexter VO's that Ramon's blood family doesn't know where he is, but maybe his "blue family" will. Then, he calls Papa Smurf. I kid. He looks at a printout of a newspaper article regarding a bust of Ramon's and a fellow officer. He calls the Sheriff's Department and asks for Sergeant Jessie Whitaker, the man with Ramon in the newspaper article. He is put on hold. As he's waiting, he decides to do a little research on Rita. The operator comes back and tells Dexter that Sergeant Whitaker is in the field, but Dexter tells her that he's from Homicide and asks her to track him down. He's on hold again. He VO's that, before she left Michigan, Rita Bennett would have been Rita Brandon. Apparently, Rita was married before Paul to a guy with the last name "Ackerman." She was 16 and the marriage lasted 6 months.

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