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In Sickness and In Sickness

Angel enters Maria's office solemnly and states, "I met Detective Gianna while seeking the comfort of prostitutes." That's a great line. That's how I introduce people to my parents. Maria's confused. He continues -- he propositioned Barbara, she took mercy on him, he was let go with a warning, it was a dark time for him. He says that he understands if she wants to pursue a case against him, but Maria replies that laying Angel off for thinking with his dick is pretty low on her list of priorities. True dat. He corrects her though -- he was looking for simple human connection. Yeah, so was Larry Craig. She says that everyone has skeletons and she would prefer if he kept his deep in the closet. Then, he tells her about Deb and Anton.

Dexter is driving and notices the car following them. Astor asks him what they should call him once he and Rita are married. He suggests "Mr. Handsome" which gets a laugh. He wonders via VO if it's Ramon who is following them. He tells the kids that they can call him whatever they want. Cody decides they will just call him Dexter. He VO's that he's getting pissed that he's being followed with kids in the car. At a traffic light, Dex speeds through just as the light turns red. The car following him tries to run it too and has a collision, which is caught on one of those traffic light cameras. The kids see the wreck and he tells them that's what happens when drivers do stupid things. Dexter loops the block and the driver of the car is gone!

That night, at the rehearsal dinner, Rita asks Dex how his vows are coming along. He says that he's still working on them. He VO's that he's going to lob an easy question to her, and he does. He asks her what kind of vows she wrote "the first time around." And, she says that she and PAUL just recited whatever the pastor said. "Liar, Liar. Pants on Fire," he VO's. Syl walks up and says that they will be seated in 15 minutes. Suddenly, Ramon shows up, obviously stinking drunk. He sees Syl and says, "Un-fucking-believable." Dexter suggests that they talk somewhere away from everyone, but he's having none of it. He pulls a gun out and says that he should put a bullet in Dexter's head, in front of everyone, so they can see what it's like to lose someone. Just then, Angel and Deb enter and take him down. Deb includes a kick to the ribs. Ramon tells them to get their hands off him and Deb responds that she will as soon as some of his "sheriff buddies" show up.

The next day, at the station, Quinn walks by Deb's desk carrying food as she's finishing a phone call. She says that she's heard the same thing from everyone she's called -- George King was a polite gardener and they can't believe that he's The Skinner. Quinn says that he hates polite killers. He says that he heard that she took down Ramon Prado, again. Vince walks up to Quinn's desk and sticks his nose uncomfortably close to his food and asks if he's going to eat it. Not anymore. Just then, Deb gets a call about the car following Dexter (though she doesn't know he was involved). The car was stolen and they're getting a picture of the person who was driving. It was King. Skinners never quit. They're going to search the stolen car for clues.

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