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In Sickness and In Sickness

Dexter visits Ramon in jail. He's shackled and wearing an orange jumpsuit. The officer who escorts him tells Dexter that everything has to be "by the book" and he'll be right outside the door if Ramon needs him. Those guys stick together. Dexter asks him how it feels to be sober for the first time in a week -- it sucks. Dex says that's going to be reality for him for a while, but Ramon says he'll be out in a couple of days. Dexter takes a look at the officer watching and asks quietly if that's one last coupon from his brother's influence. Ramon says that it's something like that. Ramon says that Miguel hired him as a bodyguard and he said it was to protect him from Dexter. He asks if Miguel said why he needed protection from Dex, but he didn't. Dexter says that Miguel was paranoid and needed protection from himself. Ramon doesn't want to believe it, but, for some reason, Dex breaks through. He says that he spent a lot of time with Miguel -- but not all of the time. He doesn't know what he was doing alone and neither does Syl and neither does Ramon. Dexter sits down (we see that he has Ellen's ring in his plant? Wouldn't Ramon's personal effects have been confiscated?) and reminds Ramon that he has a violent past, trashed Dexter's apartment, and stuck a gun in his face. He wants to know what his endgame is. It's to hurt Dexter, he says. Before Dexter entered their lives, everything was fine. He's actually not terribly wrong about that -- except for Ramon's drinking and Oscar's drugs and Miguel's darkness. Never mind. Ramon asks Dex what he knows about the darkness. He's hugely affected by it. Dex says that Miguel told him he kicked their father down the stairs. But no, Ramon says that he's the one who kicked dad down the stairs. Miguel took it so he could build his legend. Ramon says that he spent years trying to hold everything together, but now it's all shit. The brutality charges against him were from instances when he was trying to clean up after Miguel's fuck-ups. That could probably do with a little more explaining, but they're moving on. Ramon had been covering his ass. Dex says that Ramon's kids will soon be old enough to see him as he is -- he can stop the cycle of Prado bullshit. Ramon is overwhelmed and passive. Dex VO's that you don't always have to kill a wounded animal -- sometimes you just remove the thorn. You could also take them to the vet. Don't kill your animals just because they're wounded, people. You probably knew that though. He puts Ellen's ring back in his pocket.

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