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In Sickness and In Sickness

In the lab, Vince is looking at something with Deb and Quinn behind him. He sees veins in a particle that he has magnified. Deb is excited because she wants it to be skin. Ew. It's a leaf though. Aw, you mean the only thing they retrieved from the car that The Skinner stole is a leaf? Well, it's a tobacco leaf. Yay! The Skinner is...a smoker? Not helpful. Except to Deb and Quinn. They remember that his former place of employment was a cigar factory. They are on the run. Really? This is like a Lassie movie.

Dexter is at a tailor getting fitted for a new suit. It looks good. He thanks the guy for working on this on such short notice. He gives Dexter a tie and tells him to tie it while he's getting his shoes. Dexter starts to tie his tie but falters for a moment. Then, a vision of Harry is beside him in an identical suit. He tells Dexter to remember what he taught him. He taught Dexter to tie a tie for his foster mother's funeral. Harry tells Dexter that both of his mothers would be very proud of him. This is how you tie a tie: The rabbit hops over the log, the rabbit crawls under the log, the rabbit runs around the log, one more time -- because the rabbit is trying to outsmart the fox, and the rabbit dives into his rabbit hole. Pay note GQ, your countless diagrams of half-Windsor knots have never been even half as helpful as that little riddle.

Back at the station, Deb and Quinn show Angel a cigar box. That's all they got from searching the cigar factory. There's 24-hour security, so there's no way that King is getting in or out.

Dexter is walking out of the tailor. He VO's that he doesn't feel antsy at all about getting married. In fact, he gets calmed. Then, he turns around and sees King just before he gets the shit knocked out of him. Seems inevitable, no? Particularly because they only really have scenes as short as the one before this when something DYNAMIC is going to happen.

The next morning, at the station, Deb sees Vince. She asks him what he's doing there on a Saturday and he says he's reviewing the evidence from King's stolen car. On her desk, she sees that Frances left a stack of files. They all have photos on them and there's a post-it on top that reads: Det. Harry Morgan's CI's. Then, Maria pops her head out of her office and asks Deb to come in. Vince is freaked -- he didn't know Maria was there and asks if he said anything bad about her. She assures him that Vince isn't the one she's going to have a problem with. We see Dexter's mom's file amongst the other files, with "DECEASED" stamped on top.

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