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In Sickness and In Sickness

In Maria's office, she tells Deb that she can sit. Deb declines. She says that the ADA's office has noted that Deb's personal and professional lives have collided. Duh, she works with her brother. Not to mention her dead dad spends a lot of time around there too. Deb says that Anton was not technically a CI when they became involved. So, it was only a one-time thing? No. She asks if it's still going on and Deb, and this makes me very happy, says with a crinkled, confused brow that she's not sure. Maria asks if she wants it to continue and Deb starts to get a little excited. She says she's not sure, because he could be a key witness in her case. Maria nods and says that it doesn't have to be her case. This seems to peeve our Deb. She says that it's fine if Maria takes away her case and her shield, because she wanted to be with Anton. In fact, she still wants to be with Anton. And, she believes that there is no way being with him was the wrong decision. Maria says that it sounds like Deb isn't sacrificing her personal life for work. Then, she walks behind her desk. "Good for you." She pulls a badge out of her desk and hands it to Deb. "Congratulations, Detective Morgan." Deb is freaked and starts to hyperventilate a little. "What?" Maria says that Deb is one of the smartest, hardest working, most annoying pain-in-the-ass cops in her department. And, she's earned her promotion. Deb asks about the ethics probe. She says the ADA is dead and she closes a file on her desk that has Ellen's picture in it. I like that -- Miguel might get his interchange, but Dexter's sister is getting her shield. Then, Maria offers Deb a cupcake with ganache frosting. She says that Deb should hold onto her personal life because it reminds her of what's important. "Cupcakes," whispers Deb. "Abso-fucking-lutely," agrees Maria. Girls! They love chocolate and cupcakes!

Dexter wakes up tied to a table in an abandoned factory. He VO's that this is such a familiar situation but an unfamiliar perspective. We hear dissonant whistling and Dexter turns his head and sees George King. He VO's that Ramon wasn't the only person following him -- he underestimated Miguel. This is when he is supposed to feel fear, but tells the recently materialized vision of Harry that he's not afraid. Harry says that he has always been afraid that Dexter would come to a violent end. Harry says that he tried to protect him and Dexter says that he did -- this situation is his own fault for not trusting Harry. I guess this is what we've been moving towards this whole season, no? Dexter says he shouldn't have trusted Miguel, but Harry assures Dex that he did the best he could. He also says that he himself did the very best he could. Dexter says he hopes to be half as good a father to his own son. Harry is taken aback that Dex knows he's having a son. He says that he forgives Harry, who now has tears running down his face. Not only is Dexter capable of having evolving relationships with dead relatives, he has an internal sonogram. Don't you ever feel like one day Harry and Dexter will be like a team -- like Dexter will be doing some and Harry will be like, "Behind you, Dexter!" I feel like we're headed there. Dexter says that he has never seen Harry cry before and he says that they're not his tears -- they're Dexter's. It's because Dexter wants to see his child come into the world and he wants to raise it with Rita. He's upset that his life with his son is about to be taken away from him.

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