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Next Dead Neighbor

…and then day has given way to night as Dexter, at home, realizes he cut himself shaving and blames Hannah for his mind being all over the place. I guess events will prove that the fact he's aware of it doesn't help. He opens his computer to request the traffic footage when there's a knock at his door, and it's Zack, who reminds him that they were supposed to meet that morning, but Dexter points out that he could have been followed. Zack: "By who, Detective Quinn? Nah, he's pretty easy to lose." Hee. He starts to enter, but Dexter pushes him back outside and tells him Quinn will be there one day when he least expects him, so Zack should never come to his home again. Unfortunately, Dexter then chooses to have a little chat out on the balcony, which seems like a glaring gap in logic given the very subject about which Dexter is lecturing his protégé, but I suppose it's possible Jamie's inside.

After assuring Dexter he gets it, Zack says Vogel told him about this "way of living" Dexter has that might work for him as well. Dexter assures him he'll answer all his questions as best he can, but Cassie and Oliver, the guy from the party, emerge from her apartment on their way to a night swim and greet Dexter. When they're gone, Zack's like, helllooooo Cassie, but Dexter tells him to go home and they'll talk soon – something's come up he needs to deal with having to do with his day job, "which is something you need to get." Zack's like, jobs of work are for people without crazy rich dads, but Dexter counters, "You're a weird guy who lives with his mom. You might as well be wearing a sign." All right, I'll give him that one. Hee. Zack looks like he hadn't thought about it that way and isn't too pleased now that he has, so when Dexter goes on that Zack needs some kind of cover life, Zack agrees. Seeing how at sea his mentee looks, Dexter softens and tells Zack he knows what he's going through and will definitely help him, and Zack nods and awkwardly thanks him before turning and heading out.

At Elway's, Deb is doing a little research on Hannah (she hasn't been seen since she disappeared, according to the Marshals) when Elway enters and somewhat nosily catches her in the act. He muses his recollections of Hannah and asks why Deb is looking her up while Deb sits there with the air of someone who got caught in the middle of writing an email planning a sleepover her parents don't know about. Obviously still uncomfortable from the "I liiiiike you" revelations of last episode, Deb tells Elway off for invading her personal space, and she may well have a point but she's also far nastier about it than is strictly necessary, so it's maybe less of a surprise than it should be when, on his way out the door, he whirls and reminds her how he gave her a job when she needed it and has put up with all her shit. And it's true she's good at her job, "but next time maybe you want to try a little gratitude instead of always being such a fucking bitch." The appropriateness of these work conversations aside, he's got something resembling a point, and Deb's stunned expression looks like she might agree.

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