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…whereupon we cross-fade to him sitting petulantly in his car as, now at night, he observes the two of them heading into what we'll learn is a rather upscale club (the "Red Coral"). He heads toward the door after them, but the security guy sees his plain Oxford shirt and khakis a mile away and glides in to intercept him, telling him that it's members only, and even if he's with a member, their dress code is unassailable. Not about to try to stick a needle in the guy's neck in front of all these people, Dexter impotently walks back to his car and someone tells him this is for the best as Dexter will be at a disadvantage inside, but Dexter pays someone as much mind as usual as he calls Zack and confirms he's a member of the club…

…whereupon we cut to Zack and Dexter pulling up in the former's Porsche convertible like SO MUCH FOR NOT BEING SEEN IN PUBLIC. Dexter is now outfitted appropriately, at least, and he gets not one bit of resistance as he accompanies "Mr. Hamilton" inside…

…whereupon the two of them catch sight of Hannah and Julian Sands in an unpopulated room. Dexter confesses that Hannah's his ex, and Zack duly compliments Dexter's taste. Julian Sands then walks away, so Dexter tells Zack to keep an eye on him and to text him if it looks like he's coming back…

…before entering the room and being like, "Hannah" with a positively hilarious delivery that's completely appropriate for meeting an ex who broke your heart and also might have tried to kill you? Hannah feels some emotions too as she takes a long moment before reminding him it's "Maggie" now and pointing out the obvious – he shouldn't be there. They bicker a bit before Hannah suggests he go before "my husband" returns, and Dexter's angry enough at this marital-status news that he ignores Zack's urgent text that Julian Sands is returning. He mockingly refers to the guy's obvious wealth in noting that Hannah was always a pragmatist, but she sneers back that while that's nice, he's got hidden talents and is "the adventurous type," and it is hilarious to see Dexter just baldly jealous, but soon Hannah is mixing some sincerity into her tone as she tells Dexter it really might be better for him to leave before her man gets back.

Dexter does not heed her, though, and here's Julian Sands, so Maggie jumps up and introduces "Miles Castner." Castner greets Dexter suavely, but when Maggie mentions his name, Castner's like ah yes, the ex who betrayed her by turning her in to the police. Dexter looks thrown that Maggie would have told Castner about that, and Castner gives him an appraising look before saying it's time for them to go but asking the nearby bartender to be sure that "Mr. Morgan" is given whatever he needs. He doesn't add that he should put it on the Underhills' tab, which again is a shame. Zack then appears and is like, you didn't act on my text, and did I screw that up, Sensei? Dexter, however, tells him he's the one that lost the plot there and tells Zack they can talk the next day, but Zack then gets an excitedly crafty look on his face as he asks Dexter if he's going to kill Castner. Dexter: "I only kill people who deserve it." I wonder if Zack will be around long enough to hear the lengthy list of exceptions to that one.

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