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Easy as Pie

Vince is watching a TV with a picture of Albert Chung on it. Vince is pissed off. He says that Chung has gotten more TV time than any Asian face in years. Angel says that they've gotten 600 tips regarding the case as well -- the public is really upset about it. Suddenly, Dexter approaches them and asks if they will be bringing a "plus 1" to his wedding. Angel asks if "just friends" are eligible for his plus 1. That's funny. Vince says that he never brings dates to weddings because the best man always hooks up with the maid of honor. Hmm. Dex points out that the maid of honor will be Astor, a 10-year old. Angel (as well as Dexter) is surprised to hear that Vince will be best man. He says that he's not having a best man and walks away. Vince calls out, "Well, what about ushers?"

Deb follows Dexter into his office and tells him that she needs copies of all of his reports on The Skinner. He asks her what she's looking for and she says she just wants a lead. Anything. She'll be there all night if she can't find it. She stammers a bit and asks Dex if he ever compromised an investigation for personal reasons. He says that he never did. She sees the pictures that Camilla gave him and starts looking through them. He says that she's in a lot of pain and she offers hope that Camilla will die quickly. When Dexter replies that it isn't likely, she says that Dex should shoot her if she's ever in that situation. "Really?" he asks. She says that she would do the same thing for him -- she would never let him suffer. "You wouldn't, would you?" Maria pops in and asks Dexter to bring the blood report on Lisa Morton to the briefing room, because Miguel is here.

Dexter enters the briefing room to Miguel telling Ellen that there will be no "terms," Albert Chung just needs to surrender. Ellen replies that, if they want Chung, they'd better get ready to negotiate. Miguel asks Dexter to stay for the discussion, saying that Ellen may need a forensics expert to explain to her how hopeless her case is. Ellen says that Chung wants to make a statement to the media, he wants the charges against him reduced to manslaughter, and he wants conjugal visitation rights in the big house. Miguel blusters, "Jesus! You have no shame!" Dexter, prompted by Miguel, explains to Ellen that Chung's blood was found at the crime scene and the chances are 170 million to 1 that the blood belonged to anyone but Chung. Ellen says that she will be able to convince a jury that evidence was planted and Dexter "looks the type" to do the planting. He VO's -- "Do I see sheets of plastic in your future?" His face is PERFECT right there. He's stunned at how rude she's acting but also a little excited that he might get to kill her. Maria says that Dexter's work is solid, but Ellen points out that the prosecutor isn't. She says that it won't be hard to discredit Miguel and he says that they'll be adding slander to aiding and abetting charges. She reminds him that she's not on trial and he says she should be. "YOU should be!" she responds. She brings up getting Ramon off with a slap on the wrist, plus the Chicky Hines case. Where are you, Chicky? Maria tries to calm them down, but Miguel says that, if Albert Chung kills again while he is free, the blood will be on Ellen's hands. She points out that he doesn't honor the constitution's guarantee that everyone gets a free trial. He says that she helps the scum of the earth for a fast buck. This is nasty. She says that she does more pro bono work than him and tries to protect people from fascists like him. He says that she might as well be working the streets, with the way she makes her living. She just laughs at that part. Maria stops the argument and asks Dexter to step outside.

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