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Easy as Pie

As Dexter walks away, we hear Maria scream to Miguel that he was completely out of line. He VO's that Ellen seems like a jerk, but she's only doing her job. She may do it too well, but he can't kill her for that. That's why I always try to be just a little bit of a slacker in my jobs, so no one kills me. He knows he's going to be telling Miguel something that he doesn't want to hear.

That night, as Angel is leaving, Deb is walking into the station. She tells him that she's got some work to do on The Skinner case. He asks what she's heard from Anton and she nervously says that he's not answering his calls. He suddenly brushes her off and rushes to speak to Barbara, who is getting into her car. He invites her to Dexter's wedding and she says that he maybe doesn't get the concept of "just friends." He says it's not a date -- he just wants to spend time with her. If that means they're just friends, he's fine with that. She asks if this is some sort of ploy to make him look more sensitive and he says that he's not really that sensitive anyway. "Yeah you are," she says as she grabs him and kisses him. He says he's confused and she just keeps kissing him.

Dexter is holding Camilla's hand at the hospice. He VO's that handholding is simple, intimate, and uncomfortable. She doesn't like the new pie that he brought it. She tells him not to worry about it -- waiting for the perfect pie gives her something to live for. She apologizes for asking him to kill her. He says that he wants to help her. She says that she should have thought about his past before asking him. He's confused. She says that she knows his secret. He's still confused. She says Dexter is worried that he'll be like "him" if he helps her. "Him" being his brother, the Ice Truck Killer. He tries to say that he doesn't have a brother, but she says that she read his file before she destroyed it. She says that she will take it to her grave and that Dexter could never be like Brian.

Deb is burning the midnight oil at the station and Yuki enters. She says that she had a high opinion of Deb, but she guesses she was wrong. Deb says that she told Yuki to stay out of her business, but she wouldn't listen. Yuki says that, because Deb told Quinn that she was investigating him, he "did what he does" and now the case is closed. Deb replies that it's not her fault that Yuki fucked Quinn and he didn't want an encore. Yuki's all, "HUH?" She's been married seven years and they're working on their second child. Quinn cut corners and was responsible for the death of another cop. Now that the case is closed, the next dead cop is Deb's responsibility. Actually, if Yuki hadn't acted like complete Looney Toons every time she talked to Deb and told her that stuff to begin with, the blanks that Quinn filled in wouldn't have been so damn blank.

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