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Easy as Pie

That night, Miguel and Dexter are washing dishes after dinner, while Syl and Rita are at the table. Dex VO's that washing dishes is calming and mundane -- like belonging? Miguel says he's going to get dishpan shoes. Rita says that she's adding rubber gloves to their registry. Dexter is surprised that you can do that, but Syl says you can put anything on a registry, such as motorcycles or power tools. Miguel and Dexter both say in worshipful unison, "Power tools," because they are MEN. Syl drops a glass with wine in it and Miguel snaps, "Jesus, Sylvia, come on, use your brain. We just got this thing restained!" Uh oh, he's going to his dark place. Well, if Syl weren't such a stupid, stupid WOMAN, maybe he wouldn't have to go there. Gah. She says that she's got it. Rita suggests that Miguel and Dex watch a movie with the kids (Ramon's kids are with them too) while she and Syl finish the dishes. Alone, Syl apologizes. She says that Miguel probably invited them over so that he wouldn't have to be alone with her. She says that things have gotten worse since she confronted him. Thanks for the advice there, Rita. Syl says it's not Rita's fault and jokes that maybe Dexter is a bad influence on Miguel. That, she says, would be a problem that she could fix.<./p>

Miguel leads Dexter to another room and Dex VO's that he's going to be asked about Ellen Wolf and Miguel is not going to like his answer. As soon as they've stopped walking, Miguel asks, "So, what about Ellen Wolf?" Dexter is really nervous. He VO's that he needs to be gentle and tactful, but he just blurts out, "We can't kill her." He says that she's just doing her job. Miguel says that he should tell that to the families of the victims of people she got off for their crimes. Dex says he also read about the people wrongfully convicted that she helped. Miguel retorts that she's attacking the system -- now she wants to open cases of his, undermining years of his work. Dexter asks if this is personal and Miguel replies that fuck yes, it is. And, as his friend, it should be personal to Dexter too. Dexter says that he's not doing this and Miguel stands and screams, "Well, then, FUCK YOU!" Um, I don't see Miguel making it out of this season alive. Dexter just stares at him and says that he's going to go.

Dex VO's that he's never been great at conflict resolution -- at least, not without a blade and several rolls of plastic wrap. Nice. When they get to Rita's house, Cody asks if Miguel and Dexter got in a fight. She says that they didn't, but asks Dexter to make sure. He shakes his head. The kids go to get ready for bed and Rita asks him what happened -- because they left very quickly and he was grinding his teeth the whole way home. He says he disagreed with him. Rita asks if they disagreed about "the affair." Syl thinks he's cheating. Dex says that he isn't cheating (though he is obsessed with someone) and there isn't going to be any cheating. He says that life was good before Miguel and it will be good after. Uh oh. Is Miguel going to make it out of this episode alive? Rita says that it's OK for him to be upset and with a really really upset look on his face, he says, "I'm not upset."

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