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Easy as Pie

The next morning, Angel tells Dexter that he will have a plus 1 at his wedding. Quinn stops Angel and tells him that Deb needs an intervention; she has been working all night. Angel asks if she found anything and he says that she was waiting for him for the "big reveal." Dexter VO's that he's "minus Miguel" after last night. And, Camilla is also on her way out. He tells himself that he's better on his own. Vince is reading about Albert Chung in the paper and says that he can't believe he's still on the run. Dexter tells him that they sort of resemble each other and Vince starts to call him a racist, but stops. He actually does resemble him.

Deb has an entire floor of a room covered in paperwork. When Angel and Quinn enter, she says that she found a lead. In the trees. She says that they've been looking down at the bodies, but no one has been looking up. Angel asks her how much caffeine she's had and she stutters, "A metric fuck ton." He advises that she stop, as it's giving her Tourette's. She says that she remembers, at the crime scene for Javier Garza's murder, talking to a tree trimmer. And, there was the mess outside of Lorna Owens' house. She thinks there might be a connection. The victims all have trimmed trees. Angel pauses then tells her to check city maintenance schedules. Get all sub-contractor names. Deb seems pleased. She says she still can't get in touch with Anton. Angel leaves and Quinn says it's convenient that she found a new lead after Anton skipped town. She points at all of the work that she did and says "nothing convenient about it. Not all of us cut corners, Detective." Way to hold those cards close, Deb.

Ellen is at her office when Maria comes in. She says that Ellen hasn't been answering her phone calls. She has been busy and she's troubled. Her conscience is bothering her. She wants to bring in Albert Chung. Maria wants to help and she's got booze. Maria says that "sometimes" she sets up surveillance outside of a fugitive's attorney's office. Ellen says that "only an idiot" would take a meeting there and Maria agrees (Albert Chung is an idiot too). Ellen says that she is not good at letting people help her.

At the hospice, Rita is going over Dexter's list. He invited "donut guy" but Rita says that, if he doesn't know his name, he's not invited. They enter to Camilla hacking. Rita meets her and helps wipe blood off of her mouth.

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