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Easy as Pie

Deb knocks on Anton's door. He opens and says, "You came." She wants to know what he's doing there. She's furious. He doesn't have any security detail, because they thought he left. He says that he has two deadbolts and a nosey neighbor. He'll be fine. He says that he didn't want to leave without talking to her. He thanks her for warning him. She replies that he could have thanked her from Chicago. He didn't want to. He calls her Debra. Oh my God, it's quiet and he gets close to her. "I know what you did for me, and I know what it could cost you. And, I know how badly you want your shield." She's kind of shaky right now and says, "Not if it means using you for bait." Then, he grabs the side of her face and says, "I would do it, for you. I will be your bait." Then, seriously, I've got a little chill bump, he kisses her. That shit's hot. Sorry.

Dexter meets Miguel at a bar. Albert Chung was caught at Ellen's office. He knows that Ellen helped out and says that Dexter was right about her. He reminds Dexter that he doesn't like hearing "no." But, a good friend does the hard thing, and Dexter did that. He apologizes to Dexter -- very sincerely. Dexter orders beer for them. He VO's that he's not sure he's a good friend but Miguel, Rita, and Camilla think so. Miguel toasts Ellen Wolf. Then, Dex asks Miguel if he'll be his best man. Miguel looks thrilled.

Dexter visits Camilla at the hospice and has a new pie. She's asleep. He takes the pie out and cuts a slice. He closes the curtains then injects something into the pie. He VO's that Miguel said friends do the hard thing and that's what he's doing for Camilla, with sodium pentothal. She'll be gone shortly after eating it. She wakes and he tells her that he has a gift for her that will make her feel better. She seems to know what's going on. She thanks him. Before putting a bite in her mouth, he asks her if she's sure. She's sure. So, he slowly starts feeding her. "You finally brought me the perfect pie." He proceeds with feeding her the pie. She says that she'll tell Gene he said "Hello." He VO's that he's doing a good thing, but it feels bad. He leans in to her and tells her that she was right about his brother, but what she doesn't know... is that he killed him. "It's good you did," she replies with a smile on her face. And, she's gone. He VO's that all of the lives that he has taken have been for mercy and he only realize that now.

Jeff Long will be closely watching his desserts, thank you. He can be reached at

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