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Easy as Pie

Then, he gets out of bed. It's daylight out. Hmm, I guess Rita reads in bed in the morning? OK, Michael C. Hall's body is ridiculous. What is he doing in his spare time? Not reading. That's for sure. He starts getting dressed, as he VO's that he's not stressed -- at least not about Miguel. "He hasn't turned away from my truth." Ew -- that sounds like a promo for Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. Rita says that she has so much planning to do for the wedding before the baby starts showing. Dex says that he's good at taking directions and Rita takes his cue and tells him that she needs his guest list for the wedding. This is going to be good. "Well, there's Deb, and, uh... Deb. That's it. That's my list." Rita asks, "What about your friends?" She mentions Angel and Vince and he adds Miguel. "See? You're on a roll." On those days when you feel like you should meet more people, think of Dexter. You're most likely Elton John next to him. Not that you should let Dexter rule your social life. Go meet some people. Rita asks him to get the addresses and plus ones of the people that he decides to invite.

He's really rushing to get dressed and says that Camilla is being moved to hospice care today. He wants to visit her before he goes to work. Rita mentions that he has been visiting her a lot lately and asks him if he's holding up all right. He's fine. She tells him to give Camilla her best then walks out of the room. He VO's that the people closest to him have "always resided in a box of slides." JeeeZus, that his some heavy-handed shiz. Now is different, since Miguel is his friend.

Later, Dexter leads the bed as Camilla's is being moved to her new (and last) room. She cracks that the orderlies should "pop some wheelies." After all, it's the last ride of her life. Dexter assures her that she's going to be around for a long time and she replies, "I sure as hell better not be." I kind of understand her sentiment. The health care professionals leave Dexter and Camilla alone. She says to Dexter that this is the room she's going to die in. "The sooner the better." With positive influences like this, you really wonder why Dexter turned out the way he did. Kidding -- the circumstances are certainly extraordinary now. Dexter says that it's a nice room, it has wallpaper. Imagine, if you will, that Dexter was your only comfort during your last hours. That's all. Camilla points out a shoebox that she brought with her and tells Dexter to hand it to her. She says that she thought Dexter might want to have it. It's full of snapshots. Gene loved taking pictures -- he documented everything. She was annoyed that he always had a camera, but now it's nice to look back. Dexter picks one and names it, "Dexter: The Awkward Years." But, look at him now, Camilla says. He's engaged, with a baby on the way. She says that she would love to meet Rita and he says he'll make it happen. She points to an envelope -- it contains her funeral plans. Dexter remarks that he thought he was organized. She wants just a simple Catholic service. Since all of her surviving family is Yankee, she'll need him to call the funeral director when she passes. They'll take care of everything else. Dexter starts, "Isn't this a bit...?" "What?" she asks, "morbid? Death will be mercy." There will be no more pain, no more chemo, and she'll get to see Gene. Dexter has to go, but says he will see her later. She reminds him that he promised to find her the perfect key lime pie. You'd think that since she loves it so much, she'd know where he should go to find one. Maybe she just makes it herself. In which case, she should just tell him how to make the damn pie. It'd be a lot easier than her having to eat pies that she hates. Unless she feels about bad key lime pies the way that many feel about bad sex. She tells him that he'd better work fast, then he leaves.

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