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Easy as Pie

At the station, Dexter asks Deb if she knows where to find a good key lime pie. She says that you can't, because they all taste like sour dog shit. Touché. OK, this is going to sound nitpicky and I don't really intend it to be that, but... if I watched this only once I probably wouldn't notice, however, I spend like 75 hours with every episode. Dexter jumped out of bed, put on pants that were on a chair and a shirt that he presumably keeps in Rita's closet. No anti-perspirant or anything, which would be fine if he dropped by his own place to shower or something after visiting Camilla. But, he's wearing the same shirt now that he put on at Rita's place. So, he just jumped out of bed all sweaty from his maybe nightmare, put on clothes, and the day begins? As meticulous and tidy as Dexter is, this doesn't really seem like something he'd do. I know, most annoyingly tiny point ever, but I can't help myself. I totally give it up to the writers that the tone and pace of this show are of paramount importance and incredibly intricate and they do a really fine job. Dexter explains that he's looking for a pie for Camilla and Deb, who is making copies, asks how she's doing. She doesn't have much time and Dexter suggests that she visit her, but Deb doesn't "do sick people." Huh? It reminds her too much of when her mother died. Have fun when your friends and loved ones start getting older.

Dexter sees Miguel in Maria's office and asks what he's doing there. Deb says that he's bailing Ramon out of some "deep doodie." She busted him for kidnapping and torture and he's going to walk away free. Deb says that Ramon is lucky he has an Assistant District Attorney in the family. Doesn't everyone?

In Maria's office, Ramon defends his actions by saying it was an "off-the-grid investigation." So, you tortured that guy on your own time? Let's replace that shovel with a bulldozer -- to help out with that hole you're digging for yourself. Maria reminds him that false imprisonment doesn't fall into the acceptable behavior column for "off-the-grid investigations." He sings his same ole' song about doing her department's job in investigating the murder of Oscar. They've apparently made Ramon an offer and Miguel says that if he doesn't take it, he is looking at spending some time in jail. Ramon says that the guy he kidnapped and tortured isn't even pressing charges! But, Maria says that her detectives will press charges. She's mad now -- no more kid gloves for the Prado family. Ramon asks what he's supposed to do without his badge and shield (and gun) and Maria suggests that he get some help. They're offering him early retirement. Ramon thinks that Miguel is just interested in keeping the Prado name out of the newspaper, but Miguel reminds him that his wife and children also share that name. He's sold. Ramon silently puts his gun and badge on Maria's desk and walks out of her office. His union rep says that he's going to start on Ramon's retirement paperwork and thanks Maria for her consideration in the matter.

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