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Easy as Pie

With the rep gone, there is an uncomfortable silence between Maria and Miguel. He whimpers that this could have been really bad for him on top of Ellen Wolf's accusations and the Chicky Hines case. Maria reminds him that the Chicky Hines case was not personal. Are we ever EVER going to meet Chicky Hines? Miguel says that helping Ramon was personal and he thanks her as he leaves her office.

Miguel walks up to Dexter and Dex remarks that it seemed really tense in Maria's office, from what he could see. Miguel starts twitching and says that there is a lot of tension inside of him as well. He needs to blow off steam. They're going to go out that afternoon and hit something HARD. Dexter thinks he means people, but he's talking about golf balls. Dexter says that he will meet him at the range and Miguel leaves. Vince sees this exchange and asks Dex if he and the ADA are pals now. Dexter confirms this and Vince smirks and calls him a kiss-ass, leaving Dexter to VO that if Vince makes one more remark like that, he won't be invited to his wedding. When I first heard it though, I thought Dex was saying he'd kill Vince. Considering the sluggishness with which the plot points in this season have been revealed, I'm praying for that sort of relief.

Angel is leading a meeting and Dexter looks around at Deb and Vince and the others and VO's that these are his family and friends, but, if they knew him, they wouldn't consider him that. Except Miguel. Angel tells everyone that The Skinner is a priority and he expects progress. Yeah, so does the audience of this show, Angel. SO DO WE. For the love of God, we'd better see some progress. Quinn reports that the national database came back with nothing re: The Skinner and they have a call into Interpol. Dex VO's that he wonders if he should invite Quinn to the wedding -- he's so tan. Not sure if that's a plus or minus. Then, we see a list that Dexter is making with fairly winsome cursive handwriting. We see Deb, Angel, Vince, and "Maria Laguerta" listed. And Quinn's name has a question mark beside it.

Angel is explaining what they consider the known circumstances of The Skinner at this juncture. Apparently, The Skinner was owed money by Freebo and is willing to skin people to get it back. Deb adds that The Skinner is also drafting off of their investigation -- they're being watched. Then, Angel announces that they want to use their CI, Anton, more aggressively. They're going to put the word out that he knows where Freebo is. This is clearly news to Deb. She doesn't like that they will be using Anton as bait. Because THEY'RE IN LOVE!! Angel asks two of the officers (Ramos and Soderquist) to put Anton under surveillance immediately. This is the first time that Dexter has paid attention to what Soderquist's name was. Nice.

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