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Easy as Pie

With the meeting over, Deb approaches Angel and asks if they'll be telling Anton what they are doing (it's a rhetorical question, she wants to tell him). Quinn gently says that Anton will bolt if he knows that he's being used as bait. Deb reminds him that two of her witnesses have turned up dead and they don't want that to happen to a third (because she LOVES HIM). Quinn replies that there is already a target on Anton's back and this new approach will actually protect him. I guess he wouldn't have surveillance otherwise, so maybe he's right. Deb's not buying it. Just as I'm not buying Desmond Harrington's performance. Did he confuse his B-12 with Melatonin? He's so DULL sometimes. I can't stand it. Angel says that they're keeping Anton in the dark, but he wants him to be supervised all of the time.

Deb stands still, ostensibly not sure what to think, and Dexter walks up and asks her if she will be inviting a date to his wedding. Um, sensitive, Dex. Deb feels the same way that I do and explains that she might be too busy picking up pieces of Anton's skin to even be at his wedding. Dexter replies, "You're a maybe?" It's amazing that he's gotten away with killing as may people as he has. Suddenly, Quinn walks in and tells Deb that Wendell's mother called and has something she'd like to talk about with the police. Her reply is to tell Dex not to invite Quinn, which he notes on his pad. Before Deb leaves, Vince pops in and tells Dexter that they have a new crime scene to visit.

Next we have Deb and Quinn arriving somewhere in a car. Deb opens her door to trimmed palm tree fronds lying on the ground. She mentions that the trimming of the trees is paid for by the city, but not the clean up. She really knows a lot about the city. Quinn admonishes Deb, saying, "We can't all live in high class neighborhoods." Uh, OK. She says she's sure he lives in a real slum and calls him "Mr. Cadillac." Because he drives a Dodge. But, I kid. They approach a home and are greeted by Wendell's mother. Quinn asks her for the information that she sad she had about the case and she responds by flicking a business card at them. It's Deb's. Ms. Owens says that the card was found in Wendell's shorts the night he got killed. Then, she does her best slide-down-the-shower-wall. Deb says she's sorry for her loss and she pushes Deb and says, "You stay the HELL away from me!" Quinn holds her back and she says that Deb came to her house and talked to Wendell, even though she told her not to. She led the killer to her home. He killed her only baby. AND. NOW. HE'S. GONE. This lady is really giving it all she's got. Deb seems appropriately disturbed.

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