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Easy as Pie

At the driving range, Miguel says... you guessed it, "Fucking Albert Chung." Looks like Albert is Dexter's pick for the next project for him and Miguel to take on. Miguel says, "First an old lady and now a college valedictorian?" Jesus, people, your fucking G.P.A. doesn't make you a person more deserving of life. Dexter says that Albert's DNA has been matched to that found at the crime scene- it's just a matter of someone turning him in. Miguel lists his problems -- Ramon is drinking himself to death, Syl is nagging him for attention, and scumbags like Albert Chung are on the loose. Poor Miguel. He also doesn't have any faith that Chung will see justice if he's caught, for his attorney got him released before. He thinks that he and Dex should take care of Chung. Wait, not Chung, his lawyer. And, lo and behold, his attorney was Ellen Wolf. Dexter points out that she got her client off, which is her job; but Miguel says that her job is to uphold the law. Dude, you were on LA Law, you should know that's not how it really works. He rants further and says that Ellen twists the law. Dexter asks if she actually ever killed anyone and Miguel doesn't answer -- just says that Chung wasn't the first killer Ellen put on the streets. Dexter says again that Ellen hasn't actually killed anyone and Miguel says that Dexter is being too literal. He wants Dexter to keep an "open mind" about Ellen, then he corrects Dexter's golf stance, which proves effective. Dexter VO's that Ellen doesn't fit the Code, but he agreed to keep an open mind (in the interest of friendship).

At the hospice, he continues his VO, saying that fulfilling Camilla's request for the perfect key lime pie is much less complicated. Then, we see a tray of food hitting the floor. Camilla curses and says that she's not eating it. Her nurse is very sweet to her and tells Dexter that she has had a hard day. Dexter has a pie in hand. Camilla tells him that her tumors have slowed in growth and her doctors are giving her another month. She's not happy. She's already lived through this "end stage" with Gene. All she wants is to be on the other side of it. At least Gene had her, she says. Dexter says that she has him and he'll bring her as many key lime pies as she can stand. She gets kind of still and says that Gene wanted her to end his life when he was near the end. She would have done it were it not for the fact that she's Catholic and it would have been a mortal sin. She can't kill herself either. But, Dexter is a serial killer, I mean, non-Catholic. He could do it for her. He tells her that he lives by a certain "code" and she agrees that Harry taught him well. She knows it's a horrible thing to ask, but she begs him to help her. Martindale is so powerful right here -- it's seriously uncomfortable to watch. She tells Dexter that he is strong and a good friend -- he doesn't have to answer her now, but she would like for him to consider killing her. Somebody's dance card is full these days! Dexter VO's as he opens the box with the key lime pie in it that Camilla couldn't have asked a better person to off her, but he has never killed neither an innocent person nor a friend. I wonder if that would be his Pandora's Box or something?

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