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Easy as Pie

Deb is sitting in her car, watching (from afar) Anton standing on a suburban street. She looks troubled as she slowly eases up to where he is. He sees her and walks up to the passenger's side window, where she sternly tells him to get it. He asks her what's so important she has to see him at the "ass crack of dawn." She asks him if he has any out of town relatives. He jokingly asks her if she wants to take a vacation with him. She's not in a kidding mood, so he asks her what the issue is. She tells him that she heard a "rumor" that he knew where Freebo is. He tells her that she knows that isn't true. Well, she heard this "rumor" and the other cops heard the same "rumor." He's annoyed -- this means that The Skinner will be looking for him and the only connection he has to Freebo is helping Deb (which no one but the police knows about). Deb just kind of stares at him and he gets it -- he's being set up. She tearfully says that she wants him to survive... because she doesn't want to lose a good CI. He says that it won't help her case if he leaves, but she thinks he should go anyway. He agrees to take off. He leans in and tells her to watch her mouth and she tells him to fuck off. This, people, is love. He gets out of the car and she watches him walk away.

As Dexter is in his office looking at the pictures that Camilla gave him, he VO's that breaking his Code could be very dangerous. He says he can't just change the rules for a friend, and he might not even want to change the rules. Also, he has a file on Ellen Wolf. He is researching her and keeping an "open mind" per Miguel's request. He's looking at a newspaper article with the headline "Ellen Wolf Accused Of Official Misconduct." He considers that his Code might include someone who unleashed murderers and the like on the world. He gets a phone call from Rita. She asks him if he got her messages and says that she needs his list for the wedding ASAP. She seems a little on edge. We see Dexter look at his list from before -- it hasn't grown. He tells her that he's working on it right then and she thanks him and hangs up.

Rita is with Syl. She seems annoyed and tells Syl that they don't have a head count, so she can't look for a venue yet. Rita, he's not going to have that many guests. We're talking a margin of error of like 7 people for whatever modest guess you could have about the number of people he'll invite. Just book a fucking venue. You don't have to wait for him. Syl tells her everything will be fine. I find their friendship really annoying. They always seem really satisfied with how nurturing and capable they are. It just annoys me. I usually really enjoy Julie Benz and I don't mind Syl either, but together they grate. Syl tells her that everything will be fine; in fact, she's just made an appointment at "the" florist. Rita says she would have a meltdown without Syl.

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