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Easy as Pie

Syl says that she's happy for the distraction. Rita can't imagine what Syl would want to be distracted from. "You have such a charmed life." Gross. She says, that yes, on the outside, in front of company, she looks like she has it all. I don't think this is good. But, alone, with Miguel.... "What Syl?" She says that Miguel "goes to this dark place." She considers that his brother was just killed and his other brother is in trouble, but he's being secretive. He says he's with Dexter all of the time, but she's not sure if she believes him. Rita says that it maybe be fine -- she went through the same thing with Dexter. Syl asked her what the outcome was. Well -- Dexter was doing drugs and having an affair. Is that really supposed to make her feel better? Nice job there, Rita Jesse Raphael. Syl is worried if a guy like Dexter could do something like that, but Rita says their relationship was undefined at that time. The important part was that she confronted him -- now they're even closer. "You just confronted him?" asks Rita. She's still stunned that Dexter would do blow and ho. Rita agrees.

Angel and Barbara getting into an elevator at the station. He says that there is no way that her childhood nickname was worse that "Fatista." Heh. She corrects him. Gianna was morphed into "VAGianna." You know, kids, while cruel, can also be pretty brilliant sometimes. Angel concedes that she may have just won the worst nickname contest. He tries to kiss her and she pulls away. "Too soon," he says. Actually, it seems that "ever" would be too soon. She tells him that she just wants to be friends. He handles it pretty well. She asks him if he's going to make her feel bad about wanting to just be friends and he says that he won't, though he can't help wanting more. Is she going to make him feel bad about that? She just walks away at that.

Ellen pops her head into Maria's office. Maria called her, but didn't expect her to show up at her office. Ellen, for her part, didn't expect Maria to call in the first place. Maria tells Ellen that she's afraid that she's getting too close to the Prado family and she is ready to consider that they aren't perfect. Ellen says that Miguel tampered with juries, intimidated witnesses, and "lost" evidence. Maria asks her if she has proof and Ellen says that Miguel is bad but not stupid. Maria feels like it's impossible that Miguel has changed this much since she knew him before. Ellen says that maybe he didn't change -- her ex-husband was always a prick, she just didn't see it until the end. Maria says that it's hard to take in and Ellen replies that it's about to get harder. Miguel is on his way to negotiate the terms of Albert Chung's surrender. Maria is stunned that she's representing Albert, but Ellen explains that he saw himself on TV and called her. Maria says that she's stunned that Ellen could call Miguel a bad guy while defending someone like Chung, but Ellen says that it's not her job to judge. Maria points out that she's still comfortable judging Miguel, and Ellen replies that if Miguel ever gets arrested, she'll defend him too.

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