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"Dex Is The Great Unifier."

Dexter's out in the garage, cleaning and VOing, "I guess I understand why Deb is upset. We both idolized Harry, lived by what he taught us. But Deb never had to be taught not to kill innocent people. That's why she doesn't understand why I need to know." Dexter sees the same old lady from before leaving her house to get the paper, and he runs and grabs it for her, saying, "Howdy, neighbor!" She thanks him, a little surprised by his change in attitude from their previous encounter. He asks her if she noticed any visitors over at Joe's last week, and she's says that she isn't sure. "I'm just wondering if he has any outstanding bills...a gardener, maybe? Or a delivery person? Repair man?" She says she saw a cable repair man. "He was polite. He couldn't fix my TV antenna, but..." She shrugs her should in a "Hey, What Can You Do?" fashion. Dex asks what he looked like. "Oh, well, he had dark hair. Average height. Normal, I suppose." Sounds like Rudy to me!

Doakes is sitting at station, looking over some paperwork, appearing disgruntled as usual. LaGuerta approaches him from behind, and tells him, "I did some checking on our suspect, Jacques Bayard." "You lendin' I.A. a hand?" he asks. LaGuerta tells him she just wants to know what's really going on. Doakes, suspicious, asks her what she thinks is going on. Seems that she's done some homework, and that Bayard used to be an officer in the Haitian military under a different name. "Didn't your tour in the army include some special op in Haiti?" she asks, and is immediately met with a cold stare. "Right. 'Special' means you don't talk about it." Doakes remains silent until LaGuerta asks him about the Haitian death squads, or Tonton Machetes, that he encountered down there. "They made mothers carry the heads of their dead sons," he says. "Forced fathers to rape their daughters." He goes on to list other atrocities, and LaGuerta comments, "This man, Jacques Bayard...if he did those things, he deserved a lot worse than he got." Indeed, he did. Now, at first, I was a little annoyed at this scene, because I thought it was just a thinly veiled attempt to open our eyes to the existence of violence everywhere, and blah blah blah. Not that that isn't important to know. To be honest, I'm woefully ignorant of Haiti's history. But now I realize the writers are actually drawing a parallel between Doakes and Dexter. I mean, wasn't Doakes essentially just "taking out the trash," just like Dexter does? I wonder if this will come back in the future. I really hope so. Anyway, Doakes and LaGuerta share a long moment of quiet understanding, and then LaGuerta stands up and tells him it'll all be over soon, and I assume she's referring to the Internal Affairs investigation.

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