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"Dex Is The Great Unifier."

Dexter's sneaking out of the house as Rudy and Deb cuddle on the pullout bed in the living room. As soon as he shuts the door, we're transported to the morgue, where Dex is breaking in through a window and VOing, "If Joe was shot up with insulin, there'll be an injection welt, maybe between his toes or in a freckle. If it's there, I'll find it." The window is unlocked, granted him easy access, and he comments, "Small towns," as he climbs inside. Once inside, he looks all around only to discover that Driscoll's body is nowhere to be found. "Come on, Dr. Pittman, what crematorium did you send Joe to?" he VOs, clunkily. He opens Dr. Pittman's office door, and there are Joe's ashes, just sittin' right there. Dexter picks them up, and as soon as he does he hears a security guard coming. He steps out into the hallway and gets spotted, so he gives chase. Naturally, the security guard is a big fat fatty and can't keep up, so Dexter escapes rather easily.

Outside, Dexter is still running and looks very suspicious. A car comes tearing up behind him, so he turns his head so the driver won't see his face, but Rudy knows it's him. "Get in," he says. Dexter does, and they peel out. "Heard you sneak out," says Rudy. "Took a guess where you were headed." "Figured I'd need a ride?" "Figured I could talk you out of it." Dexter mentions sarcastically that Deb will be thrilled to know what he's doing. "As far as I know," Rudy tells him, "you went out for a walk." Rudy notices the box of Joe Driscoll's ashes on the floor, and asks Dexter if he stole something. Dex tells him his fingerprints were on the box, and he felt it was just best to get rid of the evidence. "I guess you weren't able to find out if he was injected with anything." "No." Rudy has an idea about how to dispose of the ashes. He pulls over to a bowling alley, and he and Dex get out. Dexter puts the ash box on the car as Rudy begins, "You know, no matter what Harry said, no matter what Deb thinks, that's your father." "Cardboard box." "I know you don't want to acknowledge it, which is why you're running around, breaking and entering, searching for some...killer, but you took that because there's a part of you that knows that this is your real father." Jesus, what are you driving at, buddy? It's not like it was your father or anything. Hmm. Dexter looks contemplative, and he opens the box and takes out the ashes. "My father," he says, enlightened. "Sounds strange." "I know," says Rudy as his eyes bore holes into Dexter's forehead. Dexter pours out the ashes slowly as the neon bowling sign buzzes in the background and the American Beauty Piano Of Importance tells us that maybe we should rewind this scene on our DVRs to see if Rudy was dropping any subtle hints as to his relationship with Dexter. I'll save you some time: he doesn't.

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