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"Dex Is The Great Unifier."

Dexter's at his crib, and is putting a record on. "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by Creedence comes on, and Dexter pulls out the "Thank You" card he make Joe Driscoll as a young man. "I had a father," he ponders. "Someone other than Harry who called me son. The thought never even occurred to me. Harry was all I needed." As we see Rudy, dressed as a cable repairman, visit the old woman who lives across from Joe Driscoll's place, Dexter continues, "It was Harry who always had the answers. He knew who was good, bad, safe, and dangerous. I built my life on Harry's code. I live by it. But Harry lied. Why would he do that? What else don't I know? My concrete foundation is turning to shifting sand. Maybe Rudy was right: you never can truly know anyone."

Whoa. Pretty heavy stuff. Yet again, another episode without a body count, but I have to say, I respect that the writers don't feel that they have to stick to a formula and have Dexter kill someone every episode. It makes it so that when he does find someone to do away with, it feels much more organic.

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