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"Dex Is The Great Unifier."

The next morning, Dexter is up before Rita and getting dressed. "How did a death turn into a couples weekend?" he VOs. Heh. "Luckily, I get up earlier than normal people." He shuts the bedroom door and walks into the kitchen, where Rudy has already brewed coffee and is pouring a cup. He asks Dexter if he wants some, and Dexter declines. "Thanks, but I gotta hit the morgue." Rudy asks if he wants company, and Dexter says no to that as well. "Thank you, though." "Private, I get it," says Rudy. Man, what's he up to? This is such a twisted situation.

At the hospital, Dexter's talking to Driscoll's physician. "I gave Joe a physical once a year, like clockwork. He had no history of heart disease, but it happens." The doctor tells Dexter that they were about to cremate him before they found him. "We thought his son should have a chance to pay his last respects." "I'm not his son." "Estrangement in a family is a shame, but death is the great unifier." Now in the morgue, the doctor rolls out Driscoll's body, and Dex looks on with curiosity. The doctor pulls back the sheet, and Dexter inspects the body closely. Driscoll has a spider-web tattoo on his right elbow, which Dexter comments on. The doctor says he got in Vietnam. "You can be proud he was a patriot." "Yeah, he was also an ex-convict. This is a prison tattoo." The doctor says that's not true, coming to Joe's defense. "How did you determine cardiac arrest was the cause of death? Was there damage to the coronary artery?" The doctor looks shocked that Dexter even knows what that is. "Ah, professional curiosity. I work in forensics down in Miami," Dexter explains. The doctor says he found micro-aneurysms in the retinas, pretty common with seizures during a heart attack. "It's also a sign of diabetic retinopathy," says Dexter. Jeez, know-it-all. "Son, I may be a small-town doctor, but I know a heart attack when I see one." The doctor blabs on about what could have caused it, as Dexter hears a distant Have You Ever Seen The Rain? by Credence, a sure harbinger of a flashback.

Yup! A very young boy is riding shotgun in a car with a man, looking at his spider-web tattoo as the radio blares the Credence tune.

We're back with Dexter, who's looking a little pale and freaked out now, as the song slowly fades into nothing. "It's hard to accept so many unanswered questions," the doctor continues, oblivious. "Oh, you're right, Dr. Pittman," says Dexter, covering his face. "This is really hard." The doctor pats Dex on the back. "Do you mind if I just have a minute alone" The doctor says he'll be in his office. What are you up to, Dex? As soon as the doctor's gone, Dexter grabs a syringe from the supply closet and sticks it in Joe Driscoll's chest to extract blood.

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