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Which Way Did Freebo?

Miguel finds his way outside, where it's raining. Dexter hears noise. He grabs the knife and walks outside. Miguel recognizes him. Dexter looks really uncertain. He asks Dex if he's in the garage. He is. And he's dead. Miguel sees the knife in Dexter's hand and he says it was self-defense. He says he found a forensics lead and he was checking it out without bothering anyone. He didn't expect anyone to be there. Miguel says the knife was his father's, from Vietnam. Miguel embraces him and cries and says he wasn't sure he could kill Freebo, but he's glad Dexter did. He says they'll get rid of the evidence but Dex tells him to get out of there, because Dexter has plausible deniability regarding the crime. Miguel doesn't have that. Miguel tells Dexter thank you and we see that, during their embrace, some of Freebo's blood got on Miguel's shirt. What A SCENE!

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