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Which Way Did Freebo?

They're both silent in the elevator. Julie Benz is pretty awesome right here. She's this excellent blend of nervous and lonely and pissed and cautious. She asks Dexter what they should do. He haltingly replies, "I don't know." Nice. You'll be hearing about this for a while. Once they reach the parking garage, Rita suggests that they talk about all of the options. Dex just nods and says that he has to get to work. Then, he pecks her on the cheek and walks away. He VO's that weighing pros and cons is something that he's usually good at. Dexter may be efficient at avoiding punishment for killing tons of people, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he just stepped in it. Of course, Rita has proven to be incredibly understanding about most things, but...we'll see.

At the station, Dexter walks out of the elevator, still dazed. Deb appears at the top of the stairs and says, "What the fuck, asswipe? I was yelling at you to hold the elevator." I'm obsessed with Deb and Jennifer Carpenter's portrayal of her. Just thought I'd drop that in there. I feel like this person exists somewhere. Hopefully without the serial killer brother. But, this weird mixture of obnoxious, vulnerable, defensive, hubristic, and oddly pure -- there's somebody out there like her. And visually? She's perfect. On first glance, I was like, "Meh, pretty girl." But, then you look closer and everything's just a No offense intended, of course. But, she's not quite delicate. Her face is often contorted with emotion that's almost childlike, but it's not soft. She has fascinated me since the very first episode. I know a lot of people feel differently and I almost feel like it's two sides of the same coin -- the same things that annoy others are the things that intrigue me. Dexter apologizes and says that he's feeling a little off. Deb suggests that he see a doctor. Well, he did, he explains, and it really didn't help.

They see Angel working in front of a picture of Freebo. Deb pouts that they're working on a career-making case. If they find Freebo, they're going to be heroes. Dexter points out that Freebo got off for killing the two girls earlier, but Deb reminds him that now he's gone and "killed" the senior ADA's brother. He'll fry.

Quinn shows up with coffee for everyone. They really share food a lot at the station. I like that. I wonder what this guy Quinn's deal is. Drug dealer? He chats up Deb as Dexter walks away somberly and reminds us via VO that Freebo didn't kill Oscar, he did. However, Oscar wouldn't be dead if it weren't for Freebo. And, he's seen Dexter's face, so he really needs to find Freebo before the police do.

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