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Which Way Did Freebo?

Dexter sees Miguel leave Maria's office and he closes the blinds of the lab so he won't see him. He VO's that he has already seen too much of Miguel and he can't comfort the grieving. Maria locks eyes with Angel as Miguel is walking away and says sternly and with much feeling, "You got this?" Angel says, "Actually, I was thinking of totally fucking up this case as it's my first as Sergeant. Sorry that it's such an important one, but I really just have to fuck this one up." Not really. He says, "I got this." Because that's the only thing one could say. When Angel turns away though, he reveals in his face that he's not sure he's got this.

Deb is questioning what appears to be a couple of she-males of the night. I'm assuming they're talking about police stuff and not the upcoming election. I'm right, they're looking at a picture of Teegan. One of the ladies says that she really likes Teegan's hairstreaks and where did she get them done? Deb snarls, "Christophe of Beverly fucking Hills." She doesn't get it and asks Deb if she has his number. The other prostie says, "Petunia, you're the dumbest whore on the stroll." Then, she says that they don't have a name for Deb (psst, it's Teegan). So, she walks away. And, look who is here. It's Yuki, from Internal Affairs. She has been watching. Her hair is straightened. She must spend a lot of time on her hair. There's a lot of it. She asks if the she-males gave her any leads. Deb says, "That's Officer Morgan to you." I don't think she was calling you a she-male, Deb. But, it allows Yuki to remind Deb that she's not a detective yet and an unsolved murder case is not going to get her any closer to a shield. Deb, without anger, says that she's not sure why Yuki picked her but -- Yuki cuts her off and says, "Because Detective Quinn likes the ladies." Wrong move, Yukes. "Well, then, you don't need a snitch. You need a fuckin' slut. So, why don't you go talk to Petunia over there." Rad.

Yuki tells Deb that she can get her a Detective's shield the next day, because she's a Sergeant. I like how she's subtly letting her know her rank and how, maybe, she shouldn't talk to her like that. Deb wonders why she would get a shield for being a rat. Yuki corrects her -- she would be getting a shield for being an honest her father. Another move not designed to calm Deb. She's all, you are not starting with my daddy right now. Yuki says that she's not being a prick -- people in Internal Affairs talk about Harry like he was a brother. Well, Deb would like to know, did they talk about how unhelpful his honesty made him? Yuki smirks -- being popular is really important to Deb, isn't it? Her "cop friends." It seems to Yuki that without the whole cop thing, she doesn't have anything in her life. "Except your, uh, treadmill." That's gonna leave a mark. Deb responds, "Kind of a cunt, aren't you?" Yuki laughs and says, "Good one." As she walks away, she facetiously recommends that Deb pick up a hobby like gardening or scrap booking. OK, so we're only 1 and ΒΌ episodes into the season, but that was my favorite scene so far. Two badass girls. Nice.

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