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Which Way Did Freebo?

Later, Rita and Dexter pull up to Miguel's big house. Rita says that, if they were living in a place that large, it would make sense to have another child. Dexter says that the house is on a valuable lot, which is...not the same subject. She replies that the lawn is lush and great for kids. Dexter knows the name of the variety of grass and says that it thrives in warm weather. Still not on the same page as her. She stops him -- she's been trying to talk about the pregnancy the whole car drive. He says she should be less subtle. Yeah, that was the problem. She says that she was trying not to pressure him, but they have to make a decision before one is made for them.

Miguel's lovely wife Syl answers the door. Dexter tells them that their house is a great place for kids. That must annoy Rita. Miguel and Dexter go to one room together and Dex sees a photo of the Prado brothers and remarks on the family resemblance. Miguel says that their father was a bastard and a drunk, but he had a strong chin. And, he says that some people just shouldn't have children. Which is maybe the moral of this episode? He says Oscar got the worst and best parts of their dad.

In the other room, Syl offers Rita a drink. She says she shouldn't and Syl asks her if she's pregnant. Rita, being as guarded as Saran Wrap, gives it away and Syl congratulates her. She can see that Rita is not thrilled and tells her that Miguel wants to start a family before he runs for the DA's office, but she's happy with the way things currently are. Rita says that she doesn't want to pressure Dexter, because that's what she did with the ex. Well, that and he was a sociopath. That last part was probably the most important element of why things didn't work out.

Back to the dudes, Miguel says that he wanted to talk to someone involved with his brother's case. He wants to know if Dexter thinks that Freebo will be found. He's very sure. So, Miguel will get his chance in court with the guy? Mmm, not so sure about that part. Miguel says he doesn't want to wait anymore. He's ADA and his brother is sheriff -- they've got resources. In fact, they have a lead on finding Freebo's whereabouts. He confides that Ramon "borrowed" a cell phone that belonged to Freebo's mother. So, when he calls his mom, they'll be able to track him. Do drug dealers who kill girls still have relationships with their moms? Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be drug dealing girl killers. This news wigs Dex a bit. He VO's that he needs to check Teegan's place as soon as he gets out of dinner.

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