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Which Way Did Freebo?

Back at the station, Deb is looking through files of people who have been arrested. Dex arrives and says that he didn't get anything new on Deb's Jane Doe. She says her case is going backwards -- now she doesn't think her girl was a hooker. She says that now she's looking for the girl's dealer. Then, she asks, "What the fuck is scrap booking?" Heh. Dex gives a surprisingly thorough definition touching on the keepsake and journaling aspects of the hobby and Deb replies that she doesn't even want to know how he learned that stuff. Dexter is about to ask her if she knows Jane Doe's dealer, when she gets a phone call. The call was a lead on her ID -- she's outta there. Dex VO's that he needs to quicken his hunt, in order to stay ahead of his sister. He says that the department is becoming annoyingly effective.

Back at Zach's, they ask him if anyone else is there. Nope. Then, there's a noise. They go to check it out and Zach (By the way, this actor is shit. He's like Screech grown up to play Ratso Rizzo) says it's just a cat. But it's not, it's his girlfriend flushing narcotics down the toilet. Before they get carted off to jail, Zach offers up information about a guy named Chicky Hines. Back at the station, Angel tells Maria that Chicky is about to be sentenced for a carjacking. But, he didn't do it and Zach has his alibi. Maria says she knows about the case -- it was a big one for the prosecution and ADA Miguel Prado. Poo. She's undermining his conviction. She tells Angel to vet this completely before she goes to Prado.

In the bathroom, Dex asks Angel how the case is going. Angel looks stressed. He says that Dex can't imagine the pressure, but he tells him that Rita's pregnant. He congratulates Dex, though he was telling him in order to commiserate regarding the stress. He tells Dex that his little girl is the best thing that he ever did. He thanks Dexter for making him feel better, then leaves.

We see a fantasy of Dexter on a playground playing with a son and Cody and Astor. The kid's the same age as the other two. In fact, he's older than Cody. Harry reminds Dexter of this. He says, "I like them this age." He tells Harry that they're better off without him. Dexter says that Harry never pictured this sort of life for him, but there's no reason why it couldn't happen. He breathes deeply in what looks like an attempt to believe what he's saying. Then, we see Cody and Rita calling for Astor. Then, we find Dex, Jr. holding a wire in a murderous sort of way. Rita runs up and says, "What have you done?" Yeah, that's certainly the worst case scenario.

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