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Which Way Did Freebo?

Deb is outside of a building and is called in by Anton. She asks him where he's been and he says that, if someone sees him with her, he won't be an informant any longer. He refers him to Javier, a pimp who specializes in white girls. Chances are, he tried to recruit Teegan. He starts to follow Deb and she stops him and reminds him that he can't be seen with her. He's worried though, because Javier likes white girls. But, she's got a gun. Well, he says he'll be there if anything goes "sideways." That's kind of cute.

Deb approaches an apartment in the building. This little guy answers the door. He's gross. She says that he's a little young to be running his own business and he slimes, "I'm the wonder kid." There's a drugged out girl on the couch. She shows a picture of Teegan and asks him if he recognizes it. He tells her that she'd make much more money as a whore than a cop, which probably says more about the paltry salaries of a lot of police officers. She tells him she's heard that before. She tells the "Little One" that if he helps her with her case, she won't bust him for being a piece of shit. He says he doesn't recognize her -- but he says he could get a thousand bucks a night for Deb. He goes to touch her hair and she twists his arm around his back. The picture of Teegan goes flying and the drugged out girl on the couch sees it. She tells Javier that he fucked her. Uh-oh. When Deb reminds Javier that he had sex with a girl who is now dead and he's lying about it and that doesn't look good, he says that he passed her to a friend. A white guy guessed it, Freebo. Deb is outta there.

Dexter is in the lab. He VO's how many things have gone wrong because his first attempt to kill Freebo didn't go correctly. Angel comes in and says that Deb called him and says she has a big lead. This, of course, freaks Dex out. Then Vince enters and says that he's getting published. "The shrine worked," says Dexter. "Totally," he replies and dumps his Buddha in the garbage. Fair-weather Buddhist.

At the beach, Miguel and Ramon are having an argument. He says that Freebo called his mother's cell and they will have the call traced by that evening. Ramon says that his department should handle it afterwards, but Miguel tells him that he's done enough. They are about to have a larger argument when Maria arrives. Ramon asks her what they've got on Freebo -- she says they're working on different leads and he says that means they've got shit. Miguel tells Ramon to leave and he does in a huff. She breaks it to Miguel about Chicky Hines. She says she is sorry. Miguel says that he hates his job right now, but she should never hold back information from him. He says that he wants to get together when all of this is over. All 3 of them. Ick.

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