First Blood

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Couch Baron: C+ | 2 USERS: D
Leavin' on a Jet Plane…
ily wanted him to kill them but maybe a "you dumb bints" would have made it remotely satisfying. You know, on second thought, killing them will be just fine. Dexter puts Harrison into the car and adorably tells him that he's sorry for ever thinking anything was wrong, and that he'll always be his son. Of course, then Harrison reaches out and scratches him, and while Dexter's "Ow!" is cute, it doesn't change the fact that that was SO PREDICTABLE, ugh.

Oh, and speaking of which, Lumen gets into a cab, but the driver tells her, "Welcome to Miami," like DUN DUN DUN! Except not really, especially since she's wearing, like, a tank top instead of a parka! And I swear, if she still has that same goddamn motel room next week even though she was leaving the state, supposedly never to return, I just don't even know what. But unless Jeff's cable/TV is still on the blink you won't have to hear about it. I would have liked to have my Dexter shot be with a better episode, but what can I say, every show has its duds. Thanks for reading, and see you around!

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