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At Topeka Metro, Dexter, probably through not-Google, learns that 2LoT refers to the Second Law of Thermodynamics - the tendency for order to become chaos. He then notices that the parking pass came from the "Miami South" campus, and wonders if his next victim could be from there. Some more not-Google-fu turns up a professor who wrote a book called "2 LoT's Tales," which supposedly authoritatively disproves the existence of God, or something, so Dexter's sure he's found his next victim. Fairly convenient that Tyler Durden used this agenda to target his next victim given that all the others were pretty random except for Lisa, and she wasn't even the original Whore target, but sure, Dexter's got it figured out. Thank...not God, I guess.

Wow, Deb will NOT SHUT UP about Dexter, but the therapist, whom I'm going to start unironically referring to as "Saint Therapist" for her ability to stay calm in the face of Deb's unflagging ridiculousness, uses a metaphor about a chair and a table to get her to see that if Dexter's always been guarded, it's kind of silly to expect something different from him now. Deb says it makes her feel alone when Dexter won't confide in her, and when asked why that might be, offers that her mother died when she was a teenager, and while you'd think they might have covered this already, I don't want to cast aspersions on anything Saint Therapist is doing, especially since Deb goes on to admit that her father didn't pay her any attention growing up, which is probably why she latched onto Keith Carradine, who by the way was shot in front of her, did she mention that? Saint Therapist sympathetically winces at that one, but Deb's not done - Keith Carradine probably seemed like a smart safe choice to her following her engagement to a serial killer. Saint Therapist takes that in and then wonders if Deb would like to see her more than once a week, and from Deb's relieved chuckle, Saint Therapist, I think you could probably tell all your other patients you're going on hiatus.

Later, Dexter tries to apologize for the night before, but Deb, armed with her new understanding, tells him it's cool that he's a chair before heading in to start a briefing. He's of course puzzled by the metaphor without context, kind of hilariously regarding a chair in the room as if looking for answers and even asking Batista for help that's unforthcoming. Masuka then enters with news of the absent Quinn's behavior the night before, as if anyone cares, and then Deb begins by asking about Colin Hanks. Anderson offers that he hasn't reported to work in "days," even though it couldn't have been more than two days ago that Dexter visited him at his place of employ, and then Batista steps up and explains that there are three remaining tableaus, the next of which is the "Bowls Of Wrath," a series of punishments visited on the people, as Dexter pipes up, to Deb's surprise. Greene then offers that Tyler Durden just updated his blog, which says that in six days, the world will end with a solar eclipse, and all those following false prophets will be doomed. DVO unnecessarily offers that the passage could be referring to him, like that matters, and then Anderson notes that there are tons of comments on the post, and I'm SO SURE the RSS feed is still working on whatever bullshit hosting program EJO was using three years ago. (I don't even know how Colin Hanks is updating EJO's site, for that matter. Did he think to ask for his login info before killing him?) Greene then offers to try to backtrack the post's IP address, and of course Dexter looks all shifty and DVO has to tell us AGAIN that he wants a shot at EJO first, like, maybe if you were a better serial killer and the show had better writers you would have wrapped this shit up already and wouldn't be whining to us now.

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